Frequently Asked Questions & Answers: COVID-19

Hartwick College deeply appreciates your patience as we work through the questions that have been asked.

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Updated on May 29, 2020 at 01:30 p.m.

Current Students and Families

Read specific FAQ about the College’s Controlled Move-Out Procedure

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1. Why was the decision made to move to remote instruction? (Updated 03/18/20)
We made this decision because we determined, based upon all of the information available to us, that this was the best way to provide continued quality instruction while helping to protect the health of our community. We want to do all that we can to lower the risk of infection.  See message from Strategic Response Team of 03/17/20 re: decision to complete the remainder of the spring 2020 semester through remote instruction only.

2. May students stay on campus during this time? (Updated 03/18/20)
We know that some of our students may feel that returning home is not practicable. Students who prefer to stay on campus should complete this form as soon as possible. We will give students who ask to remain every consideration and will make a determination promptly on every request.See message from Strategic Response Team of 03/17/20 re: decision to complete the remainder of the spring 2020 semester through remote instruction only.

3. What are the criteria for being allowed to stay on campus?
There are many reasons why a student may feel that remaining on campus is their best option. Every student who appeals for consideration will be responded to promptly.

4. Should students bring home all of their belongings with them now or just bring home what is needed immediately? Is it safe to leave the rest of my belongings here? (Updated 04/24/20)
Please read our specific FAQ on our Controlled Move-Out Procedure.

5. May students—who receive approval to remain on campus—work on campus and use campus resources?
Yes. As long as the campus remains open (which we hope will be the case) we will continue normal business operations.

6. May commuter students come to campus during the remote instruction time to complete their work study, access campus resources and interface with students on campus?
Commuter students who have board plans may continue to use the dining services. Some facilities may have more limited hours; access to instructional areas will be at the discretion of every faculty member. Students may access offices and tutoring services. Commuter students may not access the residence halls during this time.

7. Will nursing students be able to complete their clinicals this semester? (Updated 03/15/20)
Hartwick and many other colleges are working with the State of New York education department about the issue of clinicals. We will update our nursing students as soon as we have more information. 

8. How will education students complete their student teaching?
Hartwick and many other colleges are working with the State of New York education department about the issue of student teaching. We will update our education students as soon as we have more information. Student teachers who feel that they must remain on campus to complete their student teaching should complete the housing request form.

9. How will the lab courses be completed while students are away from campus?
Faculty will determine the approach to the completion of laboratory requirements and will contact students to inform them of the approach that will be employed.

10. How will music, theatre and art students complete their coursework away from campus? (Updated 03/16/20)
Faculty will determine the approach to the completion of requirements in Art, Theatre and Music and will contact students to inform them of the approach that will be employed.

11. Is there a plan for tutoring if students still need it? (Updated 03/16/20)
Tutoring services provided by the Center for Student Success (CSS) will continue through virtual means as long as at a distance classes are being implemented. All tutoring is moving to appointment-based, virtual sessions. There will be no drop in, in-person tutoring services until further notice.

Students can make appointments for tutoring through Navigate as they have been doing this semester. Read the instructions to make an appointment

A confirmation email will be sent from CSS confirming the appointment and the Zoom conference call information to the student and peer tutor after the appointment is scheduled. Zoom conference calls are also able to support video chat and phone calls.

Questions should be directed to Paige Stone, Director of Academic Support,, 607-431-4892.

12. What will happen to student work study jobs? Can students be reassigned on campus to different jobs if their jobs have ended?
As work study funding is based upon work provided, the College is exploring how this requirement can be met under the current circumstances. We will notify work study students what their options are as a plan is developed.

13. My hometown has limited internet access. What do you advise that I do to complete my remote coursework?
Faculty and course instructors will contact students about the expected changes in each course and will ask students about computer access. Keep in mind that a public library might be a good option for you.

14. What will happen to Hartwick’s upcoming student events, such as Honors Convocation, Student Showcase and Commencement? (updated 04/24/20)
Commencement has been rescheduled for Saturday, September 26.  For updated information please visit the Commencement webpage. Honors Convocation is being rescheduled. Updated information will be made available as soon as possible. The 13th Annual Student Showcase will take place during True Blue and Commencement Weekend in September. For updated information about Showcase, visit the webpage.

15. Is there a rebate on room and board for students? (Updated 04/16/20)
Our policy is after the second week of the term that there is no reimbursement of room fees, however, given the extraordinary circumstances, for the spring semester we have suspended this policy. To help our students we have made a decision to credit 25% of spring term room charges to student’s accounts. The calculation was not based on the time left in the semester, as the College incurs a majority of the costs associated with providing housing prior to the start of the semester. Currently, we are also providing security for the student belongings on campus and will store those items until such time as they can be returned to the students. These factors were all considered in calculating the amount of the room fee adjustment that we could offer to students. The amount credited for Board will depend on your use of your Board plan to date and other factors, for example, any previously awarded J Term meal credits. Hartwick’s goal continues to be the health and safety of our community, the delivery of Hartwick’s high quality education, and the support and encouragement of our students.

16. Should students take their library books or return them?
Current library books
Students may take books when they depart campus, regardless of the due date. The library will extend all due dates for books until after the end of the term.

If in-person classes do not resume, students may return their books when they return to campus in the fall. If students are graduating or will not be returning to Hartwick in the fall, please ship the books back to the Library and students will be reimbursed for the cost.

If students check out a book from our collection while off-campus, students may contact the Library directly, and staff will check the materials out in the student’s name and ship them to the student’s location free of charge.

Current Interlibrary loan books
If the due date is soon and the student does not need to renew, please return the books to the Interlibrary Loan office before leaving campus. Otherwise, students may take the books off-campus.

Please ship the books back to the Interlibrary Loan office in advance of the due date. Students will be reimbursed for shipping costs or provided a prepaid return envelope.

Students may continue making Interlibrary Loan requests for books. After the books arrive on campus, the Library staff will ship the books to the student free of charge.

17. How will I pre-register and meet with my advisor for next semester classes? (Updated 03/18/20)
While most of pre-registration is electronic, there are certain elements that require forms, signatures, etc. The Registrar’s Office has posted information on the Course Offerings & Registration webpage. Advising sessions can be scheduled through Navigate, email, or phone calls after Spring Break.

18. How will housing selection will be done for next year?
We will provide you information on this very soon.

19. Should I leave my on-campus refrigerator plugged in if I am away from campus? (Updated 03/16/20)
Yes, it is important to leave your refrigerator plugged in so that it does not grow mold.

20. How will I access the services of the Writing Center? (Updated 03/17/20)
The Writing Center will transition to asynchronous online writing support. Email the Writing Center,, for specific information.

21. What is happening with plans for J Term 2021 Programs? (Updated 03/18/20)
The Office of Global Education continues to accept and process J Term 2021 Program applications. We continue to process J Term 2021 Scholarship applications. Applications for Emerson & Duffy Scholarships for J Term and/or summer 2021 continue to be accepted. All submitted Emerson & Duffy applications will be reviewed and approved on their merits. Students whose project dates fall within the travel suspension period will have an opportunity to work out alternative project dates with their partner organizations. International students who have questions should consult with Godlove Fonjweng,, 607-431-4414 or Ryan Schreiber,, 607-431-4422.

22. What do I do about my internship plans? (Updated 03/18/20)
The Office of Career Services will be in contact with students, faculty advisors and on-site supervisors.

23. I am a senior, how do I access Career Services for help with my job search or graduate school applications? (Updated 03/19/20)
Seniors should book a 30-minute appointment in the Navigate calendar with Peter Bennett or Alison Dodge.  If you have trouble with this or have questions, contact Peter,, or Alison, by email.

24. How can students return their rental books to the Barnes & Noble Bookstore? (Updated 03/19/20)
At this time, all rented books are due back to the bookstore by the last day of finals week, May 14. The bookstore will offer a free UPS shipping label for students to print from our website. Rental reminder emails will prompt students to print out the free shipping label, however it is also available here: As a company, Barnes & Noble is currently working to extend the exception period so that students have extra time to return their books before the non-returned rental fees are charged. If any charges are incurred, the bookstore will work with students to refund them as long as the books are returned in a timely manner, and are in good condition.

25. How is the Barnes & Noble Bookstore serving students as they move to online instruction? (Updated 03/19/20)
Barnes & Noble Education has partnered with VitalSource and many major publishers to offer free access to eTextbooks for students at BNED campuses that have been impacted by the COVID-19 Pandemic. Hartwick College is supported by this program. Students are able to create accounts using their institutional email address at

Please note that custom content, interactive content, and content used for assessment is not included. Commonly assigned materials from publishers, often referred to as “courseware” (like Pearson’s MyLab, Cengage MindTap, WileyPlus, etc.) are not included in this program.

Students who would prefer physical materials or do still require access codes for the programs listed above can place an order from the bookstores website to be shipped for free.

26. Is there help with costs for e-textbook rentals? (Updated 03/20/20)
In response to the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, a group of academic publishers and campus retailers have started a program called VitalSource Helps, which will provide free e-textbook rentals through the end of Spring Term. Students may take advantage of this opportunity, please go to this link:

Once there, you will need to create a VitalSource account using your Hartwick email address. When the account is set up and you log in, you will be able to search to see if your assigned textbooks are available to you as e-books through this program. Please note: free rentals are limited to a total of 7 e-books.

If you have any questions regarding this program, or any other questions regarding access to materials, please contact David Heyduk, Library Manager, at or 607-431-4459.

27. How will students access Counseling Services during the remainder of the Spring Semester? (Updated 03/22/20)
Students who have a pre-established relationship with a Counselor at Perrella should reach out via email to their Counselor to arrange for phone/Zoom sessions. The Counselor will guide them on how such sessions can be conducted. Students who have not seen a Counselor this academic year should call the main counseling number 607-431-4420 or send an email to and a member of the staff will be back in touch with them. You will have to complete and return an Intake Form electronically before a phone/Zoom session can be scheduled.

28. Can students experiencing a crisis situation still access a Counselor 24/7? (Updated 03/22/20)
Yes, by calling the main Hartwick phone number 607-431-4000/4200, a Counselor can still be contacted. Those students who are living back home or away from campus, of course, will be encouraged to reach out to local resources in their area (police, mental health clinics, hospitals, etc.) but can call our On-Call system for guidance and advice.

29. Is it possible to request to have Pass/No-Pass grades recorded for spring 2020 classes? (Updated 04/22/20)
In response to COVID-19, Hartwick College has modified our grading policy to allow students to submit requests for having Pass/No-Pass grades recorded for their spring 2020 classes, instead of the more familiar A through F letter grades. The full text of the new policy is HERE.

The College is extending the P/NP deadline for students from April 24 to May 15, which is the Friday just after finals. Students have until May 15, 2020 to request the Pass/No-Pass option as described in the policy. The application form is here. Questions about the application form should be directed to the Registrar’s Office at or 607-431-4460. Review specific Pass/No-Pass FAQ HERE.

30. Is federal emergency aid through the CARES Act available to Hartwick students? (Updated 05/29/20)
Hartwick College has received $635,892 in federal funding under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act for Emergency Financial Aid Grants to Students. These emergency financial aid grants will be distributed to students for expenses related to the disruption of campus operations due to coronavirus, expenses such as food, housing, course materials, technology, health care and child care. Based upon federal guidelines there are 973 students at Hartwick College who qualify to participate in this grant program under Section 484 in Title IV of the Higher Education Act of 1965 and are therefore eligible to receive these grants. Eligible students were asked to submit information regarding their additional expenses incurred. The application process ended on May 14, 2020. A scoring rubric was used to determine the amount of each grant based on the student’s responses. As of May 26, 2020 Hartwick College has awarded $635,892 of Emergency Financial Aid Grants to 308 eligible students who have requested funds. As payments were issued to students, they were instructed that the funds are for the additional costs they have incurred related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Prospective Students and Families

1. May I still visit Hartwick College for a personalized tour? If so, how do we make an appointment? (Updated 05/20/20)
See our virtual tour and contact the admissions office to arrange a virtual visit:, 888-HARTWICK.

Faculty and Staff

1. Will faculty and staff will have access to their offices during the remainder of the spring semester?
Yes, Hartwick College employees will have access to their offices and other campus facilities.

2. Will there be additional funding for adjunct faculty to provide remote instruction?
We are considering this request.

3. Will the Commons be open for Food Service? (Updated 03/16/20)
Starting 03/17/20, food will only be served from Table Rock Cafe. The Commons will be closed until further notice. Table Rock will be open continuously from 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. Meal Swipes can be used during this time in Table Rock for one meal during each meal period (Breakfast 8 a.m.-11 a.m., Lunch 11 a.m.-3 p.m., Dinner 3 p.m.-6 p.m.) and this will include a fountain beverage. These decisions have been made in compliance with the governor’s restrictions on food service and are driven by our steadfast concern for the health and well-being of our College community.

4. What are the hours of operation for the Elting Fitness Center and Moyer Pool in Binder PE Center? (Updated 03/17/20)
Effective Monday, March 16 at 4 p.m., the Elting Fitness Center and Moyer Pool facilities in Binder PE Center will be closed until further notice. Any further changes to building and facility hours will be communicated as soon as they are decided upon.

5. What technology resources are available to faculty to support remote learning and staff to support remote meetings? (Updated 03/18/20)
Faculty and staff may contact the Technology Resource Center with questions about teaching and/or meeting technology. Information is also available at  Remote instruction resources can be found at If you know of another resource that you would like to recommend for inclusion, please share it with Tom Warger,

6. How will remote Pre-Registration be handled? (Updated 03/18/20)
The Registrar’s Office has provided guidance. Visit the Course Offerings & Registration webpage.

Vendors and Partners

1. As a Hartwick vendor, may I still deliver items to Hartwick College?
Yes. Until further notice the College remains open and vendors may make deliveries as planned.

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