Messages from The President

April 11, 2021: President’s Address

President Margaret L. Drugovich reflects on the complexities of this phase of the COVID crisis, acknowledging the challenges of continuing risk reduction at a time when many people are feeling that they have sacrificed enough for the common good. She shares a helpful model for thinking about this phase of COVID recovery, and celebrates that the model was suggested to her by a Hartwick nursing student who had the competence and confidence to share this helpful construct.

The President provides information on when the college will make a final determination about whether a COVID vaccine will be required before the start of the fall term. She also highlights the April 15 vaccination clinic that will be hosted on the Hartwick campus. She shares her view on steps we can take to navigate successfully through this phase of the COVID crisis.

The President thanks all of those involved in yesterday’s excellent Admitted Student Day program. She closes today’s video update by thanking all scientists in the Hartwick community for their quiet but daily work to find solutions to daunting challenges like COVID-19.

In celebration of scientists, today’s song is The Molecular Shape of You as performed by Tim Blais and A Capella Science.

The President’s next Sunday Covid update will be on April 25, 2021.

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