Portable Space Heaters

Winter and Portable Space Heaters

Portable space heaters can cause building fires. The use of portable space heaters should be limited to temporary use during times of extreme cold, when primary building heating systems cannot provide adequate levels of comfort.

  • Portable space heaters cannot be used in laboratory areas.
  • Space heaters that operate using radiant heat (those with exposed heating elements) are prohibited. This type of space heater can directly transfer heat to combustible materials and is a major fire risk. The acceptable space heater is the CONVECTION type heater. This will heat air in the room and consequently raise the room temperature.
  • Space heaters with electrical cords that are damaged or frayed are prohibited from use.
  • The use of extension cords is prohibited.
  • Space heaters must be place at least 3 feet from any combustible material such as paper, furniture etc.
  • Locate heaters in open area, which is clearly visible and away from exits.
  • Plug directly into a grounded wall receptacle.
  • Turn off and disconnect when not in use.
  • Allow heaters to cool before storing.
  • Space heaters must not exceed 1500 watts.