Committee on Assessment of General Education

Committee on Assessment of General Education (CAGE)

I. Philosophy of Assessment

CAGE believes assessment is an organic, dynamic, and ongoing process designed to monitor and improve student-learning. We strive for a transparent process that respects academic freedom, recognizes faculty expertise and appreciates the unique characteristics of the disciplines. We believe that assessment results should be used to both improve student-learning and celebrate the work that we do as members of the faculty contributing to the curricular mission and the mission of the college.

II. CAGE Mission Statement

The Mission of the Committee is to develop a curricular assessment plan and the mechanisms and processes necessary to implement that plan. Our plan recognizes and honors academic freedom while also giving us valuable information about student learning accomplished through the Liberal Arts in Practice (LAiP) curriculum.

III. CAGE Core Values

We value:

  1. Consensus, collaboration, and inclusion in the development of a culture of assessment at Hartwick College.
  2. Assessing smarter not harder- the use of methods and strategies that are simple, sustainable, iterative and inform our efforts to improve teaching and learning.
  3. Assessment that is intentional, informed, and honors the liberal arts as a core principle, as well as the expertise of each discipline.
  4. Assessment that is learner-centered and intended to improve teaching and learning at Hartwick College.
  5. Assessment that is “bottom-up,” beginning with and emphasizing the student academic experience rather than “top-down,” imposed by administrative or external priorities.
  6. The contribution of both qualitative and quantitative assessment methods to our understanding of improved teaching and student learning.

CAGE Membership

  • Mary Allen (Physical & Life Sciences)
  • Richard Barlow (Arts and Humanities)
  • Amy Forster Rothbart (Social & Behavioral Sciences)
  • Karl Seeley (Social & Behavioral Sciences)
  • Karina Walker (Arts and Humanities)
  • Lisa Wehner (Physical & Life Sciences)
  • Cherilyn Lacy – ex-officio
  • Michael G. Tannenbaum – ex-officio