Hartwick Self-Study

Intended Outcomes of the Self-Study

Hartwick College is a vibrant liberal arts college committed to the idea that there is no better preparation for the dynamic world of the Twenty-First Century than a thoughtful, well-integrated liberal arts course of study coupled with practical experience.  This Self-Study provides an opportunity to assess Hartwick’s performance and planning-related progress in fulfilling the promise of its mission. Within the context of the seven new accreditation standards defined by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, the intended outcomes of Hartwick College’s Self-Study are to:

  1. Be reaccredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education by documenting with evidence that Hartwick complies with the Middle States Standards for accreditation and with applicable federal regulations.

  2. Revitalize our shared sense of mission as a learning community by providing multiple opportunities for candid, inclusive dialogue on Hartwick’s strengths and areas for growth.

  3. Engage in a transparent and inclusive self-appraisal of Hartwick’s ongoing mission-driven initiatives to:


    a)  preserve our liberal arts core while developing innovative academic programs that respond to the evolving demographic, economic, and institutional challenges facing higher education in the twenty-first century:
    b)  support students through to successful degree completion;
    c)  implement capital improvements to enhance the living, learning, and working environment of our campus; and
    d)  develop institutional infrastructure to support and implement ongoing innovation that will strengthen Hartwick’s academic and co-curricular programs, and the College’s engagement with regional community and economic development.

  4. Produce recommendations that can serve as the foundation for improving Hartwick’s fulfillment of its mission, developing a sense of identity, and informing continuous improvement related to the Standards of Accreditation.

  5. Link the Self-Study and the Hartwick225 Strategic Planning processes by providing a shared Evidence Library and communicating suggestions to the Hartwick225 Strategic Planning team that emerge from Working Teams’ analysis of evidence.
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