Middle States Timeline

Spring and Summer 2017:

  • Working Teams create lists of evidence documents to be used for analysis and writing.
  • Self-Study Design establishes guidelines for Hartwick’s Self-Study process Middle-States Kick-Off event – March 16th – The campus community is invited to learn more about the Standards, Working Teams and help contribute ideas to the Working Teams.
  • Middle States Liaison Visit – March 22nd – Dr. Heather Perfetti visits our campus to help us prepare for a successful Self-Study process.
  • Self-Study Evidence Library is created – all documents needed for our work will be collected electronically and stored on a common shared drive for the teams to access.

Fall 2017 through Spring 2018:

  • Working Teams analyze evidence documents and write reports.
  • Fall Community Forum is held to gather feedback from campus community.
  • Working Teams and Hartwick225 Committee share resources and ideas.
  • Reports are completed by the end of the term.
  • Self-Study document is drafted and shared with campus community.
  • Self-Study event shares findings from Self-Study and asks for feedback from the community.

Summer 2018 through Spring 2019:

  • Self-Study document is formatted and prepared for final round of reviews.
  • Preparation for External Review Team is in full swing.
  • External Review Team is hosted on campus in Spring 2019.
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