Middle States Working Groups

Standard 1:  Mission and Goals

Michael Tannenbaum (Working Team Leader) – Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Justin Wellman (Working Team Leader) – Associate Professor of Psychology
Harry Bradshaw Matthews – Associate Dean and Director of Intercultural Affairs
Lee Wright – Assistant Professor of Music
Shannen Pencille ’20– Student

Standard 2:  Ethics and Integrity

Suzanne Janitz (Working Team Leader) – Director of Human Resources
Stefanie Rocknak (Working Team Leader) – Professor of Philosophy
Traci Perrin – Title IX Coordinator and College Compliance Officer
Lisa Wehner – Associate Professor of Nursing

Standard 3:  Design and Delivery of the Student Learning Experience

Godlove Fonjweng (Working Team Leader) – Director of Global Education and Service Learning
Mark Wolff (Working Team Leader) – Associate Professor of French
Eric Cooper – Assistant Professor of Biology
Pat Dopazo – Director of Planned Giving
Amy Forster Rothbart
– Associate Professor of Political Science
Malissa Kano-White – Associate Professor of Political Science

Standard 4:  Support of the Student Experience

Lisa Starkey-Wood (Working Team Leader) – Director of Admissions and Operations
KinHo Chan (Working Team Leader) – Professor of Psychology
Virginia Arreola – Assistant Professor of Spanish
Erin Braselmann – Director of AccessAbility Services
Min Chung – Associate Professor of Mathematics
Sydney Scalici – Counselor
Mariah Kelly ’20 – Student

Standard 5:  Educational Effectiveness Assessment

Kellie Bean (Working Team Leader) – Dean of Academic Affairs
Mark Davies (Working Team Leader) – Professor of Education
Mary Allen – Professor of Biology
James Buthman
– Assistant Professor of Political Science
Amanda Kay Moske – Director of Institutional Research & Effectiveness
Karl Seeley 
– Associate Professor of Economics

Standard 6:  Planning, Resources, and Institutional Improvement

Sydney Leo (Working Team Leader) – Vice President for Finance
Gerry Hunsberger (Working Team Leader) – Professor of Mathematics
Melissa Allen – Director of Financial Aid
Douglas Kendall – Coordinator of the Yager Museum of Art and Culture
Wayne McMahon
– Visiting Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Dan Vo – Assistant Professor of Business Administration
Paige Restivo ’19 – Student

Standard 7:  Governance, Leadership and Administration

Meg Nowak (Working Team Leader) – Vice President for Student Affairs
Laurel Elder (Working Team Leader) – Professor of Political Science
Jason Antrosio – Associate Professor of Anthropology
Tammy Babcock – Administrative Assistant for Student Affairs
Sabrina Lawrence – Alumni Events Assistant
Rachel Griffing ’18 – Student
Joseph Nolan ’19 – Student
Carol Ann Hamilton Coughlin – Board of Trustees Member and Liaison to Working Team


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