Organizing Principle & Strategic Framework

In February of 2008, Dr. Margaret L. Drugovich was tapped to become the 10th President of Hartwick College.

She immediately began meeting with members of the College community to learn all she could about Hartwick, its assets and needs. Throughout the summer and fall Drugovich engaged in small- and large-group discussions with students, faculty, staff, and alumni. She reconvened internal and external gatherings to present a collective vision of Hartwick College, an organizing principle and strategic framework that will serve as a guide for future development:

“Hartwick will be the best at melding liberal arts education with experiential learning.” This seemingly simple declaration, which Drugovich calls the “Organizing Principle,” will be the focus of the College’s efforts going forward. It draws on Hartwick’s longstanding strengths–its people and its program–while putting experiential learning programs at the forefront to differentiate the College in an increasingly competitive higher education marketplace. It is supported by a series of specific goals and objectives known as the Strategic Framework.

The Organizing Principle and Strategic Framework increases Hartwick’s efficiency and effectiveness. Instead of creating add-ons, or pursuing a single oblique idea, this principle defines a core around which the College community can organize decisions that it makes. It will be supported each step of the way by a strong framework of assessment.

Key points of the Strategic Framework include:

  • Improve Student Experience and Satisfaction
  • Maximize the Academic Program
  • Expand Our Financial Base
  • Improve the College’s Image and Reputation
  • Maximize Employee Performance
  • Maximize College Governance
  • Maximize Financial Performance

Hartwick’s Organizing Principle & Strategic Framework

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