Cable TV System

Hartwick has its own cable television system which provides a mix of entertainment and educational support programming.

The channels listed below are provided in Hartwick’s basic cable TV service. If you have a cable-ready TV with an NTSC ClearQuam tuner, you will have access to all of them. All digital TVs sold today have digital ATSC tuners (for off-air reception). Most, but not all, have the digital ClearQAM tuner needed to receive channels via the Campus’ TV network. We do not anticipate that you will need a digital converter box. But If you do, you may buy one from Campus TeleVideo, a division of Apogee.

Not seeing all channels?

  • First, be sure your TV is set to CATV and not AIR (do this from your TV remote’s menu settings).
  • Next, use your TV remote’s menu to scan and add our channels to your TV.
  • You will not be able to use a VCR/DVD player to scan for channels. The TV cable must connect to your TV directly.
  • Some Vizio TVs need the “Auto Channel Add” option turned to OFF before scanning for the digital channels. Please refer to your owner manual for more details.
  • If that is not successful, please contact the TRC at 607-431-4357 or email Please be prepared to tell us your name, residence hall, room number and which side of room, and leave a phone number where you can be reached.

No channels or reception problems?

  • Reception problems are frequently due to loose connections. Please check your connections if you are experiencing poor reception.
  • If you have no channels at all, or if you continue to have unsatisfactory reception after checking your connections, please use the link below to troubleshoot and open a ticket with Campus TeleVideo.

Campus TeleVideo Support

Hartwick Channel Lineup

See What’s Playing Now 

Hartwick Channel Network
4-1 Video Bulletin Board (analog channel 10)
4-2 Wick TV (analog channel 9)
4-3 Deutsche Welle 
4-4 Beijing Television- BTV 
4-5 Telemundo Oeste 
4-6 TV 5
5-1 ABC 
5-2 CBS 
5-3 NBC 
5-6 The CW 
6-2 to 6-6 Open Local Channels 
54-1 to 55-1 Channel Guide 
56-1 CNN 
56-2 Headline News 
56-3 FOX News 
56-4 MSNBC 
56-5 CNBC 
56-6 Al Jezerra America 
56-7 BBC America 
56-8 Link TV 
56-9 ESPN2 
57-1 ESPN News 
57-2 ESPNU 
57-3 NBC Sports Network
57-4 MLB Network
57-5 FOX Sprots 1
57-6 FOX Sport 2
57-7 Big Ten Network
57-8 Sportsman Channel
57-9 TBS
58-1 TNT
58-2 USA Networks
58-3 A&E
58-4 Aqui
58-5 Once Mexico
58-6 Univision
58-7 Galavision
58-8 Christian Television Network
58-9 TV Land
59-1 Game Show Network
59-2 Nickelodeon
59-3 Cartoon Network
59-4 E! Entertainment
59-5 Animal Planet 
59-6 Ovation TV 
59-7 Home and Garden TV 
59-8 Bravo 
59-9 Cooking Channel 
60-1 Food Network 
60-2 Women’s Entertainment TV 
60-3 Lifetime 
60-4 Lifetime Movie Network 
60-5 OWN- Oprah Winfrey Network 
60-6 Oxygen
60-7 Syfy 
60-8 Spike TV 
60-9 BET 
61-1 MTV2 
61-2 VH1 
61-3 VH1 Classics 
61-4 Country Music Television 
61-5 fuse 
61-6 tru-TV 
61-7 fyi 
61-8 ION Television 
61-9 Teen Nick
62-1 Destination America
62-2 Logo
62-3 TLC
62-4 History Channel
62-5 The Weather Channel
62-6 Discovery Fit and Health
62-7 Investigation Discovery
62-8 Science Channel
62-9 American Heros Channel
63-1 Independent Film Channel
63-2 FX
63-3 AMC
70-1 ESPN HD
70-2 NFL Network HD
71-1 FX HD
71-2 ABC Family HD
72-1 Disney Channel HD
72-2 Comedy Central HD
73-1 MTV HD
73-2 Travel Channel HD
74-1 Discovery Channel HD
74-2 National Geographic HD
75-1 NBA Network HD
75-2 CBS Sports Network HD

Note: Free-to-Air channels have international content.

WickTV channels are for on-campus viewing of course-related content. Your instructor should tell you the date, time, and channel on which the content will be played.

When no content is scheduled, WickTV channels display bulletin board information. Digital channel 4.1 and Analog channel 10 always display bulletin board information.

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