Dewar Union

Classroom Technology in Dewar Union

Chesebro Room

Chesebro Room TV

Screen: Samsung TV on rolling cart

Controller: Samsung TV remote

Connections: VGA & HDMI (strapped on the back of the TV)

Installed media players: Logitech Camera & Speakerphone “Zoom” Setup

Chesebro Room TV Details

  • Move the TV for the desired room configuration.
  • The VGA & HDMI cables are strapped to the back of the TV. Plug either one into the appropriate adapter or directly into your laptop.
  • Turn the TV on with the remote on the tray. There is no cable TV or Smart TV functions enabled. The input should be HDMI 1 no matter which cable you plug in.
  • Volume is controlled by the Samsung TV remote.
  • To use the Logitech Camera/Speakerphone system, please contact Media Services at 431-4176 or email

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Farrington Room

Farrington Room

Screen: Samsung Smart TV

Controller: Samsung TV remote

Connections: HDMI

Installed media players: none

Farrington Cable & Remote

  • There is no adapter in this room so be sure to determine what type you need in advance (Apple dongle, DisplayPort, etc.).
  • Plug HDMI cable into the laptop or appropriate adapter.
  • Turn TV on with the remote.

Farrington Room-Sources

  • Press SOURCE on the remote. Choose HDMI1/DVI from the Source List to select the attached cable. 
  • HDMI cable should send audio from the laptop as well. Control volume with the TV remote.
  • Turn TV off with the remote.

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Campbell 101 – Hutman Studio

Screen: front of room

Projector: Christie

Controller: Christie projector remote

Sound: Crown amp, ceiling mounted speakers, mixer with aux cable & wireless mic

Connections: VGA

Installed media players: CD/iPod Dock

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Campbell 102 – Fitness Center

Controller: Crestron DMPS300C

Sound: Crown amps, ceiling mounted speakers

Installed media players: AM/FM and Internet Radio tuners, CD/iPod Dock

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Details on these services are available by calling Media Services at 431-4176 or emailing

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