Voice Mail

To access your voice mailbox, check your messages, or send a message:

Voice Mail Guide

To access your voice mailbox directly from your office phone:

  • Press the voice mail key on your telephone, or Dial 7900
  • Enter your password when prompted
  • You will be directed to the mailbox MAIN MENU

From another extension or outside the office:

  • Press the voice mail key or dial 7900
  • When the system answers, press the * key
  • Enter your mailbox number (your extension number) followed by *
  • Enter your password when prompted
  • To enter your voice mailbox from off-campus, Dial 431-7900 (607 area code when needed)

Voice Mailbox Main Menu:

  • Press 7 (P) to Play messages
  • Press 6 (M) to Make a new message
  • Press 8 (U) for User Options
  • Press 4 for Greetings
  • Press 2 for Conditional Greetings (Busy, Away from desk)
  • Press 7 for Primary Greeting
  • Press 6 for Name
  • Press 7 for Password
  • Press 9 (X) to send and exit

Playback controls (while listening to message):

  • Press 1 to pause the message
  • Press # to fast-forward the message 5 seconds
  • Press * to rewind the message 5 seconds
  • Press 6 to hear the time and date message was left
  • Press 8 to skip to the next message

After-message options (when message is over):

  • Press 7 to replay message
  • Press 2 to answer the message
  • Press 4 to forward to another user
  • Press 5 to keep (save) the message
  • Press 3 to delete the message

Note: If you accidentally discard a message, you can retrieve it by immediately pressing *.
If you press any key other than the * key immediately after discarding the message, you will not be able to retrieve the discarded message.

Sending Messages:

  • At the main menu, press 6 to make a new message.
  • Enter mailbox number OR press 9 to access the directory
  • After hearing name, you may enter additional recipients
  • Press # when done entering mailbox numbers

At the tone, record your message

  • Press # when finished recording
  • Press 7 to review you message
  • Press 2 to append your message
  • Press 3 to discard and re- record
  • Press 6 for addressing options
  • Press 2 for Confidential
  • Press 7 for Confirm Receipt
  • Press 8 for Urgent
  • Press 9 to return

Press 9 to send message

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