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Rebecca Taylor-Ford ’02

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Feature Story: Building Strength | Bridging Gaps

Critical thinkers. Creative problem solvers. Innovators. Collaborators.

An environmentalist, a nurse leader, a civil rights attorney, an educator and practitioner, and a nonprofit chief. Hartwick alumni who are determined to improve their piece of the world.

“My experiences have opened my eyes to the ability of a leader to align teams to foster change. We can work on an individual level and put plans into place to move toward a larger vision. When you’re a leader you have a voice.”

Rebecca Taylor-Ford ’02, DNP, RN, NE-BC

“My skillset is suited to building community connections and creating consensus with people across differences. I don’t shy away from challenges and I always try to meet people where they are.”

Don Sawyer ’99, PhD

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Inside Out

Income inequality. Environmental sustainability. Immigration. Gun control. Free speech. Access to quality health care. Access to education. Nutrition for children. The empowerment of women.

Who could disagree that these are important issues? And yet, in this election year, we are witnessing a raging river of issues-based ideological rhetoric about how to approach these problems. This rhetoric has cut a gorge through our country that runs between neighbors, within workplaces, and within the government. Ubiquitous media keeps the chasm always in our view. Each issue is disputed from two sides of a deep political divide, and the distance often seems too wide and too contentious to bridge.

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Campus News

Shining a Light on Leaders: Commencement 2020

Cyrus Mehri ’83, JD will receive an honorary doctor of laws degree.

The Honorable James Seward ’73, H’99 will be recognized with the President’s Award for Liberal Arts in Practice.

Richard Clapp ’62 will be presented with the President’s Medal.

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Commencement Speaker

Digital marketing pioneer Beth LeTendre ’90 will deliver the Hartwick College Commencement address.

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Beyond Expectations

More than 200 alumni have now graduated from Hartwick’s three-year degree program. A few years out, they report being very ready for whatever comes next.

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Student-to-Student Power

Peer Counselors adopted the name “50-50” years ago because, they say, “We’ll meet you halfway.” Today, the program averages 1,000 visits a year.

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In Stepping Forward Comes Strength

Hartwick’s off-campus J Term programs are demanding—mentally, emotionally, and often physically. This is concentrated living and learning like never before: personally challenging, mind expanding, résumé building, and so fulfilling.

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Summer Online

What started as a pilot program in 2014 has become a Hartwick standard.

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Health: A Life Long Journey

By Karen McGrath, Vice President of Enrollment Management & Student Experience

Healthy students are stronger students!

Healthy students learn better, miss fewer classes, and graduate at higher rates than unhealthy students. Hartwick’s Wellness & Health Program staff and Student & Community Engagement staff are committed to providing programming that serves to be a springboard for students’ well-being and good health that will last across their lifespan, creating healthy, productive alumni.

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Faculty News

Breakthrough: Immersive Internships
Yield High ROI

By Pauline Stamp, PhD
Assistant Professor of Business Administration

My mission is to transform lives: That’s what motivates me to develop teaching strategies that engage students in practical and challenging learning experiences.

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Faculty Recognition

The contributions of six faculty have been rewarded with tenure and promotions, effective September 1, 2020.

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Fond Farewell

Four faculty will retire at the end of this academic year, each leaving a powerful legacy as educator and mentor.

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Hartwick Connectors – Speaker’s Series

Demonstrating the many outcomes possible with a Hartwick degree, alumni and parents share their paths and perspectives.

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In Support of Hartwick, We Turned the Campus Blue

Paula Lee Hobson, Vice President for College Advancement, on being #True Blue.

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Save the Date-18th Benefit Auction on Support of Athletics

Read more about the Auction and our Hartwick Hawks.

Paying it Forward

President Drugovich P’12 and Beth Steele P’12 made an instant connection with Cameron Conrad ’20, the current recipient of their endowed scholarship.

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Major Investment in Wick Nurses

The Hearst Foundations of New York City and San Francisco have awarded $125,000 in partial tuition scholarships for nursing students over the next three years.

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