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Interns of Note

Testing their talents and their interests, working for businesses and serving nonprofits, Hartwick interns are developing credentials and having an impact. Two were recently recognized for the quality of their work.

Caitlin Herlihy '20 with classmates in Italy
Building on the success of her internship, Caitlin Herlihy ’20 was ready to expand her practical knowledge through study abroad this J Term. Herlihy and friends studied art and architecture in Italy.

The Otsego County Chamber of Commerce has named Caitlyn Herlihy ’20 the Hartwick College 2019 Intern of the Year. Working at the Fenimore Art Museum in Cooperstown, she conducted research and presented educational programs. What began as a requirement for her Museum Studies minor became confirmation of her career direction.

“The internship allowed me to experience an array of museum responsibilities,” Herlihy says, “and changed my perspective on what role I would like to pursue. Research was something I had never considered doing, but ended up loving.”

This art history and anthropology double major quickly became familiar with the museum’s range of exhibitions and collections. This helped her make a difference at the museum by “providing meaningful support both behind the scenes and with the public,” says her site supervisor, Kevin Gray ’01, the Fenimore’s manager of arts education and an adjunct professor at Hartwick.

A casual conversation with a mentor led business and economics double major Jarek Rudin ’20 to an internship. Professor Carli Ficano noticed him drinking Ronnybrook Farm Dairy milk and mentioned she also enjoys their artisanal dairy products. He shared his interest in learning about the business side of agriculture and she quickly recommended he apply for an internship with Farm Credit East.

Jarek Rudin '20 with classmates in Portugal
Building on the success of his internship, Jarek Rudin ’20 was ready to expand his practical knowledge through study abroad this J Term. Rudin and friends studied food systems in Portugal.

Rudin, who is president of Hartwick’s Investment Club, landed the opportunity and spent two months shadowing staff and gaining insights from across departments. The experience made one thing clear: he’s not destined for a desk job. “I really liked getting out and seeing the customers in the field,” Rudin says, estimating he made 60 agricultural site visits during his internship.

Rudin’s contributions earned him a Cooperative Internship Recognition Award, a cash prize from the Northeast Cooperative Council, and an invitation to their Leaders Forum. Asked to prepare a poster and make a presentation to members, Rudin was undaunted. After all, he says, “I had already presented my work in front of the company’s senior management.”

“The internship allowed me to experience an array of . . . responsibilities and changed my perspective on what role I would like to pursue. Research was something I had never considered doing, but ended up loving.”

—Caitlyn Herlihy ’20


Benefits Built to Last

Ambition meets confidence, gratitude meets generosity, and success takes many forms.

Bob Hanft ’69, H’18 and Pat Russell Hanft ’72 are connectors: loyal alumni who make it possible for students to take career-building moves. The couple’s endowed fund for internship scholarships bridges the gap when students cannot afford to accept an unpaid internship or cannot manage the associated expenses. The Hanfts know what students are learning: internships can be keystone of success.

The young alumni who received Hanft internship scholarships majored in accounting, biology, business administration, computer science, nursing, psychology, and sociology. They grew up in New York and Illinois, Pennsylvania and Nepal, and are now working in Washington DC, Charlotte, Chicago, Miami, and New York City.

In the four years since the Hanfts endowed this innovative fund, their interns have gone on to graduate school; are working in financial services, healthcare, international banking, and consulting; took increasingly responsible positions in nonprofits; and are moving up the ranks of corporate America.

The Latest Hanft Interns

Rebecca Lelles ’20 from Nevada
Criminal Justice and Sociology double major,
Social Work minor
John Christopher Hartwick Scholar

Financial/Management Intern
Changing the Present
A 501(c)(3) recognized by The New York Times as “an of the nonprofit world.” Worked on fundraising, grant writing, advertising, and networking with national and international nonprofit organizations.

“This position combined my desire to gain experience in the business side of nonprofits with my passion for solving social issues. I was able to learn about and advocate for causes that have piqued my interest at Hartwick and I built skills and gained experience that directly relate to my goal of becoming a nonprofit director.”


Ed Holman ’21 from Washington State
Political Science and Philosophy double major; Outdoor Education minor 
On-campus jobs in technology and fundraising

Teen Leadership Director Intern, Wilkes-Barre Family YMCA, Pennsylvania
Accepted an oversight role after 10 years working with youth. Responsible for the management and training of counselors in training (CITs), preparing them to foster children’s social, physical, and intellectual growth.

“I had the opportunity to answer questions instead of asking them. I practiced my communication skills when talking with parents, working with future counselors, and collaborating with colleagues. After Hartwick, I hope to attend law school and practice family law with an emphasis on youth.”


Julia Marquis ’21 from Maine
Business Administration and Environment, Sustainability, & Society double major;
Political Science minor; Honors Program

Human Resources Intern, Hannaford Supermarkets’ corporate office, Scarborough, Maine
Created official job description templates for the vice president of human resources (a priority after Hannaford’s merger into Ahold Delhaize) and built out the LinkedIn Life section of the Hannaford Careers webpage. Collaborated with human resources and marketing teams; presented her work to corporate leaders.

“It was very uplifting and motivating to know that Hannaford is using my work and that I left a mark on the company. I was incredibly lucky to be able to get course credit for this amazing opportunity and to receive a Hanft Internship Scholarship.”

Here and Nowhere Else

Through independent internship and exploratory experiences abroad, Hartwick students build strength in themselves and others. Living the College mission, they develop personal courage, practice critical thinking, and feed an insatiable curiosity.

These experiences are made possible by generous Hartwick alumni, parents, and friends who invest in Hartwick students. Trustee emeritus John Duffy H’00, P ’91, P’95 and Anne Duffy P ’91, P’95 endowed the Duffy Family Ambassadorships and the Emerson Foundation posed a challenge to Hartwick supporters to increase funding for international internships.


“Hearing the people’s challenges and persistence was inspiring. Their stories are those of an aspiring lawyer, an aspiring doctor, an inspiring advocate; not just a refugee. My experiences made me proud to say I am African.”

Matipa Mutoti ’20
Human Rights and NGO Management
Rabat, Morocco

“I was part of a network of support for women who are victims and survivors of violence. I gained experience in my future line of work and had a first-hand look at the gender inequalities that are seen globally.”

Kelsey VanAlstyne ’20
Women’s Empowerment
Rabat, Morocco

Republic of Georgia

“My time overseas was a deeply fulfilling experience. I walked onto the plane to Georgia as one version of myself, and came out the other end a new kind of person, one who has grown and evolved.”

Kaitlyn Ludder ’20
Surgical Procedures
Republic of Georgia


“This experience has taught me to be patient, understanding, flexible, and to meet people halfway. There were times when I thought I couldn’t do it, but I pushed through. I have never been so proud of myself.”

Maya Kennedy ’20
Veterinary Science
Chiang Rai, Thailand


“I worked for a foundation that is trying to eradicate sex trafficking and prevent gender-based violence. One of my priorities was to identify the overlap of legal and emotional fragility in human rights issues. I feel better suited for law school now.”

Diana Bechdol ’20
Human Rights and Girls’ Empowerment
Quito, Ecuador

Costa Rica

“I had the experience of a lifetime, allowing me to step out of my comfort zone as well as learn about a new culture and experience it first-hand. I quickly learned that Costa Ricans treat almost everyone like family.”

Taina Cortez ’20
Mother and Child Nutrition
Costa Rica

Tania Cortez with children in Costa Rica


“My Duffy Award gave me the final push in deciding what I want to do in my career—I will use my experiences, interests, and studies to pursue fashion management and marketing.”

Ally Quirk ’20
Study of Dutch Graphic Design Trends
Amsterdam, Holland

Allyson Quirk in Amsterdam


“I felt whole in India. Being in Jaipur made me feel like I was home. I learned I can do whatever I put my mind and heart to. This was the first time I took a chance on myself.”

Cilina Jagrup ’20
Child Development
Jaipur, India

Cilina Jagrup in India


“Everyone that I interacted with was joyful, kind, and patient. The people utilized all their resources with grace and purpose, often treating many more patients than should have been possible. I learned much by watching and listening.”

Madison Germuska ’20
Health Awareness

Madison Germuska at falls in Zimbabwe

Iceland and Ireland

“Nothing can teach me faster and more effectively than experiencing the subjects of my studies in their countries of origin and from the mouths of locals.”

Amanda Thurston ’20
Landscape as Ancestor: Place Names
Iceland and Ireland


“Immersing myself in a culture where the healthcare is so different helped me realize the person and nurse that I want to be. I had the opportunity to observe home based care and clinics and taught about health promotion. I was able to learn, adapt, and grow.”

Iris Busha ’20
Public Health internship

And many more…

Ushuaia Diaz ’21
Wind Music Research
Vienna, Austria

Katie Herron ’20
Mother and Child Nutrition
Costa Rica

Rachel Mumma ’20
Oceans Research in Mossel Bay
South Africa

Desiree Pecore ’20
A Recipe for Gender: Irish and Icelandic Grave Goods
Iceland and Ireland

Ivian Vasquez ’20
Human Rights & Girls’ Empowerment
Quito, Ecuador


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