Paying It Forward & Major Investment

Paying it Forward

What began as an introduction ended with a hug.

President Drugovich and Beth Steele with Cameron Conrad ’20
President Drugovich and Beth Steele made an instant connection with Cameron Conrad ’20, the current recipient of their endowed scholarship.

Cameron Conrad ’20 arrived in the President’s Office one day in February unsure of what to expect. He had been invited for lunch to meet the donors of his tuition scholarship: President Margaret L. Drugovich P’12 and her partner, Beth Steele P’12.

The couple endowed The Mary M. and Frank E. Drugovich First Generation Award in The Campaign for Hartwick Students as a way to honor the President’s parents. The first in her family to attend college, she recalls that intelligence and drive moved her forward, her parents set an example of how to persevere, and scholarships helped fill the gap.

“My parents never had the benefit of a college education, so I don’t think they ever fully understood all they did for me,” Dr. Drugovich shared with Conrad, who is this year’s recipient. “They were grape farmers who served their community and raised three children. Beth and I endowed this scholarship in their names to honor their selfless generosity.”

Conrad spoke fondly of his hardworking mother, Erika, and his three siblings. “It’s not just about me anymore,” he said. “I’m going to do my best to do what I need to for my family.” That includes working hard to pay off his school debt quickly so he can help his little brother go to college, too.

Looking ahead, Conrad said, “I’m trying to keep my paths wide open.” He’s considering a career in the military and aspires to be a drone pilot. “As a well-educated man, you’ll have options,” the President assured him, suggesting he also look into opportunities with other government agencies. “Talking with you has definitely opened my eyes,” he told her.

“I came from a place where no one could give me advice about my future,” the President shared. “If I can help you think about what’s possible, I am here for you; come back and see me.” “I will, I definitely will,” Conrad replied, opening his arms for a hug.

To talk about making a difference through a scholarship, please contact Vice President Paula Lee Hobson at or 607-431-4026.

Major Investment in Wick Nurses

Hartwick College—and students in its most popular academic program—just received a vote of confidence.

The Hearst Foundations of New York City and San Francisco have awarded $125,000 in partial tuition scholarships for nursing students over the next three years. First-year, continuing, and transfer students with financial need will be eligible.

For more than 70 years, the Hearst Foundations have been supporting organizations that make a difference in education, health, social service, and culture—priorities that align with the interests of founder William Randolph Hearst. Hearst Foundations awards are coveted and competitive; only 20% of requests are funded.

Also for more than 70 years, Hartwick College has offered a rigorous and immersive program that prepares students to excel in the demanding and ever-changing field of nursing. Today, Hartwick nurses work in 40 states and five foreign countries. Nearly half of Hartwick’s nursing alumni remain in New York, providing high quality, essential health care in metropolitan areas and medically underserved communities.

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