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Hartwick J Term Off-Campus

Hartwick’s off-campus J Term programs are demandingmentally, emotionally, and often physically. This is concentrated living and learning like never before: personally challenging, mind expanding, résumé building, and so fulfilling.

Students learn on site and in depth to a degree they’re sure they never could have in a classroom, from a textbook, or online. They take a huge step outside their comfort zones (many have never before been on an airplane) emboldened by the security of faculty-led study. The result is a powerful experience all their own.


“Portugal is a beautiful country. I was immediately blown away by its infrastructure—the cobblestone roads and walkways and its buildings with the outward appearance of massive cathedrals. The people were extremely friendly and helpful despite the language barrier and the food was spectacular and made with love and patience. I would recommend Portugal to anyone wanting to experience a diverse culture and an overall breathtaking country.”

Shanria Jolly ’21 from the Bahamas
Biochemistry major
Recipient of the Anne K. Duffy P’91, P’95 and
John P. Duffy H’00, P’91, P’95 January Term Scholarship

“After seeing Japan for myself, I definitely have a different worldview. People take America’s diversity for granted, but in Japan, diversity is not displayed. I wouldn’t have been able have this experience if I hadn’t received a scholarship; it really helped.”

Trevaughn Smith ’21 from Massachusetts
Political Science, Computer Science, and Criminal Justice triple major; Three-year Degree Program
Recipient of the Josie Wright and Dr. Brian Wright, Esq. H’02 Endowed Scholarship for J Term study

“Studying the society of my ancestors in their country was the opportunity of a lifetime. I’m truly thankful for the scholarships that allowed me to partake of this experience.

From the breathtaking views of Martello Tower to the men and women of Dublin, Ireland amazed me with its rich culture and hospitality. The connections and memories I have made from this beautiful nation will never be forgotten.”

John Armstrong ’22 from New York
Criminal Justice major
John in Glencolumbkille, County Donegal, Ireland
Recipient of the Dobert Family Scholarship
for off campus study and the Holbrook C. Smith ’91 Endowed J Term Scholarship

“No one wanted to go home. The whole experience went beautifully and we’re already planning to return next J Term.

Seventeen students joined me for 20 days in Tokyo. They made connections and an overall good impression on our hosts at Toyo University where we stayed and our students took classes. I included cultural excursions to Mt. Fuji, a fish market, a digital art museum, and a farm in rural western Tokyo.”

—Dr. Cherilyn Lacy, Professor of History and Chair of Faculty Senate

2020 J Term Courses and Countries

Europe: United in Diversity
On site in the European Union countries of France, Belgium, and Poland, students develop an understanding of the challenges and opportunities brought on by the EU departure of Great Britain.

France: Language Immersion in Tours France
The historic city of Tours on the Loire River beckons and host families say “Bienvenue” as students visit castles, medieval cities, the home of Leonardo da Vinci, and the incomparable Paris.

Ireland: Irish Society & Culture
From rural Donegal to the capital city of Dublin, students walk in the footsteps of rebels, musicians, and saints as they experience for themselves how Ireland’s history has shaped its modern society.

Italy: Art & Architecture of Italy
Moving through ancient ruins, studying (up close) some of the world’s finest works of art, and marveling at architectural achievements allows students to understand modern Italy through its cultural history.

Jamaica: Transcultural Nursing
Future nurses gain front-line exposure to the social determinants of health and public health, building a foundation of cultural competence as they work alongside Jamaican healthcare teams.

Japan: Japanese Language & Culture in Tokyo
In residence at Toyo University, Hartwick students become immersed in the language as they experience the dynamic life and strong traditions of one of the world’s most globally connected cities.

London: Theatre in England
From Stratford-upon-Avon to the West End, students see and assess contemporary British theatre as part of the audience; from behind the scenes; and in museums, art galleries, and historic sites.

Portugal: Fermentation & the Re-Location of Food Systems
Combining the perspectives of science and economics, students take a hands-on culinary tour of Portugal to study and understand the country’s rich history of small-scale artisan food production.

South Africa: Culture and Challenges
Visiting a democracy only as old as they are, Hartwick students explore South Africa’s historic transition through its art, health care, geology, and the perspectives of its people.

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