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David Long ’83, H’14 Looks for Something Special

David Long

The up-and-coming new hires at multi-national Liberty Mutual Insurance Group include two recent Hartwick graduates. College friends Rachel Griffing ’18 and Matt Morrish ’18 took individualized routes to landing coveted positions with this Fortune 100 Company.

Rachel Griffing '18

Matt Moorish '18

The John Christopher Hartwick Scholars and Baker-Simpson Fellows studied challenging majors (political science and business for her, economics for him); pressed their limits in athletics (volleyball and soccer, respectively); and sought international opportunities (she studied in China, he is a native of England). It all added up for Liberty Mutual Chairman and CEO David Long ’83, H’14, a Hartwick math major, John Christopher Scholar, and soccer player.

“I look for young folks who have something special, something that demonstrates they’re willing to take chances,” explains Long, chair of Hartwick’s Board of Trustees. “They have to show they want to work hard and do more.”

“You have to take the first step.
Opportunity doesn’t just come to you.”

— David Long ’83, H’14

Griffing tested her mettle as president of Student Senate her senior year. After completing a presentation to Hartwick’s Board of Trustees, she recalls, “Mr. Long asked if there was anything I had to check off my ‘to do list’ before I graduated. I half-jokingly said, ‘Get a job!’ He emailed me a few days later saying he had seen my resume and did I want him to put me in touch with someone at Liberty!” Griffing is now a business analyst with Liberty Mutual Surety in Seattle. Of Long she says, “He is an extremely engaged and insightful leader who is a driving force for change within this company.”

Extensive networking with Hartwick faculty, staff, and alumni brought Morrish an introduction. “A number of people were pivotal in getting me to where I am now,” he says. “I cannot stress enough the value of building relationships. Mr. Long connected me to the best recruiters who worked with me to find the best fit within the company. Everyone made me feel truly valued and that I would be a real asset.” Morrish is now an associate underwriter with Liberty Mutual Surety in Philadelphia.

“The hardest part in any job search is getting to the right person,” explains Long, who started with Liberty Mutual soon after earning a master’s in finance from Boston College. “I tell our Hartwick graduates, ‘I’ll introduce you to the right people; after that you have to get the job yourself.’ I’m adamant about that.”

Griffing and Morrish are now in a position to create opportunities for future Hartwick graduates. Long explains. “The head of our Surety division recently asked me, “Do you have any more like Rachel and Matt?’ I said, ‘When I find the right person, I’ll send them your way.’”

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