Game Changer

Game changer. Turning point. Pivotal moment.

President Margaret L. Drugovich
We have all heard someone use these terms when trying to describe a time when their perspective shifted. A catalyst had freed them to change their thinking and perhaps, ultimately, their direction. Even though this critical juncture is frequently described as a discrete event, it is often someone, rather than something, that causes us to change both our focus and our journey.

It is rare for me to speak to a Hartwick student who does not, within just a few moments, invoke the name of a person who is actively influencing her. Sometimes he speaks of a parent. Often, it is a teacher, a tutor, or a friend. It seems that most people, regardless of their age, are open to the inspiration that comes through contact with others. Perhaps it is our human nature — we are poised to be moved.

If you need confirmation of how one person can change the course of another person’s life, dive right into this edition of The Wick. You will see examples of how encouragement, insight, kindness, advice, and support offered by alumni, faculty, and our trustees can transform a career, and sometimes a life. Escobar, Nanni, Fallon, and Chung — these are among the game changers; the moment makers who shift perspectives so that the world of a learner turns.

“Now I know I can.”  That is a game changer.

Dr. Margaret L. Drugovich P’12

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