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Experiences Beyond the Expected

Investments create extraordinary opportunities for Hartwick students. Some H225 priorities are already in place, others require funding to be fully implemented. The focus here is on five of the latter: enabling innovation, merging art and technology, learning from practitioners, developing a worldview, and providing greater fitness opportunities for all.

Hartwick225 — a student success action plan more than two years in the making. A community effort of identifying, evaluating, and prioritizing initiatives that will be valued by our students now and into the near future.

Ramping up to our major milestone, the Hartwick community will celebrate its 225th anniversary in 2022. Hartwick’s founding in 1797 makes this college one of the oldest in the nation, along with Harvard, William & Mary, Columbia, and other venerable institutions.


Griffiths Center for Collaboration & Innovation (GCCI)

$1.25 million gift from trustee Sally Griffiths Herbert ’88, H’19 and Tim Herbert
Goal: $1.25 match in support of innovation

The GCCI is the interdisciplinary umbrella for Hartwick’s cross-campus Innovation Stations: the current Markerspace in Yager Hall and Entrepreneurship Hub in Golisano Hall, and the future Fabrication Lab in the Anderson Center for the Arts. The GCCI is where we will innovate, create, and grow — together.

Meeting the Herberts’ challenge, gifts toward this H225 objective will endow the leadership position for innovation at Hartwick College and create a programming fund. The director will jump-start innovative initiatives, advance creative collaborations across campus, build connections with community partners, and guide greater student access to exciting internships and professional job opportunities. This point person for alumni and community partners will also be the on-campus lead resource in design thinking for students, faculty, and staff.

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The Fab Lab: Where Ideas Take Shape

Goal: $300,000 to renovate space for this Innovation Station

The Fab(rication) Lab will be the place where innovative ideas become tangible. Where students and faculty develop prototypes, engage in shared problem solving, and build on each other’s ideas. Where experience and exposure give Hartwick students a competitive edge in landing internships and jobs.

Digital modeling, 3D printing technology, additive and subtractive manufacturing … so many possibilities, so many future-focused applications. Equipping a Fab Lab requires state-of-the-art equipment, including multiple computers and modeling software; 3-D printers and scanners for additive printing; a laser cutter, x-carve router, and panel saw for subtractive printing. Generous donors have funded much of this equipment. What’s needed now is a suitable space. Help us create the workspace where these 21st century skills will be practiced as well as learned.

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Sharing and Mentoring and much more

Goal: $25,000 to bring in guest experts

A bridge between the campus community and the greater Hartwick community, with an emphasis on alumni experts and practitioners.

When alumni speak, students listen and learn. When gerontology expert Anna Song Beeber ’98, PhD, RN, FAAN, delivered this fall’s endowed O’Connor Lecture, every nursing student was there to grow from her knowledge of aging and its impacts. When Bonin Bough ’99 spent a full day sharing his entrepreneurial experiences and completely outside the box thinking, students clamored to be in his company. When Steve Young ’73 accepted the invitation of public health faculty to share his decades of experience addressing HIV/AIDS, everyone gained greater awareness and understanding.

The interest is here, the experts are among you. Funds are needed to create more opportunities to connect ideas and offer students access.

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J Term Off-campus Study so Students Can See the World

Goal: $1 million in scholarships

Some Hartwick students have never been outside of New York State, some have never boarded an airplane. Imagine, then, the courage it takes for them to step forward and choose an off-campus J Term course. They study hill tribes in Northern Thailand, challenges in South Africa, culture and language in Japan, transcultural nursing in Jamaica, and are transformed.

Give them the chance. Often a lack of funding stands squarely in the way of students who want and would most benefit from these opportunities. J Term scholarships were a priority in The Campaign for Hartwick Students and remain so now. If you have traveled abroad, then you know — these exceptional experiences should be made available to all.

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Recreational Air Dome for all Students

Goal: $4 million

Hartwick students want to remain active throughout the year. Let’s give them a state-of-the-art indoor recreation facility that will benefit all Hartwick students despite the weather. Let the snow fall: varsity and club teams will still train, practice, and compete here, undaunted by inclement weather. Non-athletes will have a space to recreate together. This air structure will also provide a much-needed, large format space for full community events.

We renovated facilities throughout the Binder athletic complex and created new fitness venues during The Campaign for Hartwick Students. We rededicated the Wright Stadium turf field in September. Help us to round-out these improvements with this much needed all purpose, all-season, modestly priced recreational space for all Hartwick students.

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“Hands-on opportunities ignite students’ passions. This is where they take what was learned in the classroom and apply it, adding new layers of understanding and insight that they bring back into the classroom and take into their careers. Creating connections between the practical and intellectual —that’s what Hartwick225 is all about.”

— Paula Lee Hobson, Vice President for College Advancement

Get Involved in Hartwick’s Future

Contact Vice President Paula Lee Hobson at hobsonp@hartwick.edu or 607-31-4026.

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