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Hartwick wants to get to know you.

At Hartwick, personal attention, growth, and discovery are the norm, not the exception. What interests you?

Personalized teaching
Our committed faculty and staff have one focus: you. They’ll challenge you to think critically and teach you the skills to tackle future challenges. And you’ll gain the courage and vision you need to reach your fullest potential. 

Collaborative research
Here, you’ll find research opportunities that are typically reserved for graduate students. You’ll work closely with faculty, share publishing credits, and experience what it’s like to present your work at conferences around the world.

January Term
At Hartwick, there comes a time when a subject requires 100% of your time and focus. J Term is a whole month dedicated to intensive focus on one subject — inside your major or out, on campus or across the world.

Come see what we’re all about.

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“At Hartwick I got the opportunities I needed to set myself apart in a crowded job market. ”

Justin Warren ’15

Accounting and Business Administration double major; Finance minor

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Earn a bachelor’s degree in three years.

Less time. Less tuition. More impact — sooner. Sounds smart, right? 

Experience the liberal arts advantage.

The world benefits from people with a wide base of knowledge and the ability to apply it. These effective leaders can connect the dots to develop solutions that others haven’t thought of yet. That’s what a liberal arts education fosters, and it’s at the very heart of Hartwick.

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