Liberal Arts in Practice

At Hartwick, we believe a college should prepare students for the world ahead — for good jobs, rewarding careers, and interesting lives.

That’s why we’ve designed our curriculum and teaching approaches to break down the barriers separating the classroom from the world, allowing students to learn “out there” and bring that experience back, making time in the classroom more engaging and effective.

Hartwick’s expansive Liberal Arts in Practice curriculum merges traditional liberal arts study, personalized teaching, and experiential learning. Add to that a wide range of off-campus internships, collaborative research, study abroad opportunities, and our unique January Term, and Hartwick prepares students for the world ahead.

  • Students and faculty work together on a wide variety of projects, from scientific research to artistic interpretation to social service projects abroad. Hartwick funds a number of awards each year to support such projects, and students often collaborate with their professors on research. Approximately 200 students participate in the annual Student Showcase: An Exhibition of Liberal Arts in Practice. Student Showcase

  • During January Term, students choose from special opportunities (both on and off campus), including independent study, internships, study abroad, and courses especially designed for intensive study.  January Term

  • More than 200 students complete a study abroad experience each year. Our faculty-led J Term programs take students all over the world: Bahamas, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, England, France, Ghana, Hawaii, India, Ireland, Italy, Madagascar, New York City, South Africa, Spain, Thailand, Vietnam, and more. Through connections with a broad range of institutions and consortia, students can study for a semester or a year in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Europe, Latin America, North America, and the Pacific. Study Abroad

  • Every year hundreds of Hartwick students participate in internships and applied experiences for credit in an exceptional variety of work environments. Shadowing a professional in the workplace is one of the best ways to learn about what a job is really like-from the inside. Through Hartwick’s MetroLink and BinghamtonLink networking and job-shadowing programs, students learn firsthand about different careers in locations such as Boston, New York City, and other local venues. Career Services and Internships

  • Our Pine Lake Environmental Campus, located just eight miles from the main campus, provides countless opportunities. Students conduct biological and environmental research at Pine Lake, design and build ecologically sound buildings, undertake archaeological research, and much more. Pine Lake Environmental Campus

  • Opportunities for community-based service learning and civic engagement allow students to integrate and apply classroom knowledge-while fulfilling community needs. Hartwick has long-term partnerships with many local community organizations. Community-Based Service Learning
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