Collaborative Research

At Hartwick, learning is a partnership between dedicated teachers and motivated students. Collaborative student-faculty research is one way we emphasize the experiential approach to the liberal arts.

From your first week throughout your career at Hartwick, you’ll find faculty ready and willing to help, advise, encourage, share, collaborate. We’ll help you choose courses, shape your major, develop projects, and formulate your senior thesis. In short, we’ll help you to take ownership of your education, and we hope to give you every opportunity to break new ground and present your work at regional and national conferences and the Hartwick’s Student Scholar Showcase.

As a result, students and faculty work together on a wide variety of projects, from scientific research to artistic interpretation to social service projects abroad. In fact, due to quality of student-faculty collaborative research, Hartwick awards a number of Freedman Prizes each year to support such projects.

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