Environmental Science & Policy Program

Sustaining the natural world and the human condition will require an active, engaged, and informed population to address the critical environmental problems we face. Our program of study in Environmental Science and Policy (ES&P) focuses on educating broadly trained professionals who can apply critical, creative, and interdisciplinary thinking to understanding and generating sustainable solutions to local and global problems. ES&P professionals must approach problems from many perspectives and require an educational background that is firmly rooted in the physical and life sciences as well as in economics, political science, social sciences, and the arts and humanities.

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Environmental Science & Policy Requirements

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Environmental Science & Policy Minor

Environmental Science & Policy Courses

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Special Opportunities

Opportunities for students in the Environmental Science & Policy (ES&P) program include internships, off-campus courses, directed and independent studies, conferences, and summer research. J Term off-campus courses,

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Environmental Science & Policy Faculty

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