Environment, Sustainability & Society Special Opportunities

Off-campus Study

Opportunities for students in the Environment, Sustainability & Society (ES&S) major include off-campus courses, directed and independent studies, conferences, and summer research. J Term off-campus courses, in particular, offer unique and valuable opportunities for students interested in environmental issues, and include studies in Arizona, the Bahamas, Costa Rica, Hawaii, Madagascar, and Peru.

Internships & Projects

We also have internship opportunities that introduce students to careers. Internship opportunities include projects working with municipal governments to reduce GHG emissions, conservation projects with local non-profits, work with local organic farmers; projects in local state parks, and many more.

ES&S Job Opportunities

Graduate program advising and career services are available through Hartwick’s Office of Career Development. Our ES&S major prepares our graduates for many new and exciting “green jobs”.  

“Green Jobs”

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