Summer Sessions FAQ

Summer Sessions 2021 Online FAQ

Q: I have more questions about Summer Session 2021, who is my contact?
A: The Office of Academic Affairs at, 607-431-4415 is your best, first contact.

Q: Can I enroll in more than one class per session in 2021?
A: This is sometimes possible but requires special permission from the Office of Academic Affairs. They can be reached at, 607-431-4415.

Q: What is the last day I can add a class?
A; Hartwick students can add up to the last date of add/drop for each session. These dates can be found by clicking here. Non-Hartwick students should add courses at least 3-days before the beginning of the summer session to allow us to create their academic record.

Q: Where are the course descriptions?
A:  Information about courses, including descriptions and instructor information, can be found by clicking here. This will take you to our Self- Service page. To find out more information, go to the Office of the Registrar help page on HartLink.

Q: How can I find out more details about course prerequisites?
A: The course information page (instructions in the previous question) will list prerequisites. Our faculty can help you determine whether your background meets the prerequisites. You can contact them at the email address shown in the Course Information page. Alternatively, you can contact Academic Affairs at, 607-431-4415.

Q: I am a Hartwick student, will this course and grade appear on my transcript?
A: Yes, it will appear on your transcript after the summer session ends.

Q: I am a non-Hartwick student, how do I order an official transcript after I take the course?
A: Visit our Transcript Request page by clicking here.

Q: I need a copy of the course syllabus for my home institution to evaluate. How do I get one?
A: Contact the Office of Academic Affairs at Academic Affairs at, 607-431-4415.