Campus Theme

Griffiths Center for Collaboration & Innovation
Each year, Hartwick chooses a campus theme. As part of the theme, we offer unique courses, bring in national and international experts, and organize special activities such as films and museum exhibitions.

The campus theme gives the entire Hartwick community the opportunity to work together to learn about a complex and significant topic.

Students put each year’s theme into practice through student organizations, community involvement, class projects, internships, and senior theses — often making links among themes from various years as they discover interconnections.

The Campus Theme of Innovation spans 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 academic years.

The theme of Innovation challenges the campus community to use the liberal arts skills of exploring problems from different angles and integrating ideas from different disciplines to engage in creative problem solving. Innovation embodies the liberal arts in practice. It calls on Hartwick community members to take ideas from our classrooms and campus activities and put them into action on campus and beyond.

Coordinating with the Campus Theme is the 2018-2019 First Year Read, Designing Your Life. This book applies tenets of design thinking to creating a “well-lived and joyful” life. All incoming first-year students were asked to read the book over the summer and are using ideas and exercises from the book in their ‘Wick 101 classes.

The Campus Theme has helped organize and sponsor various events relating to Innovation. These include an Honors Seminar on the topic in Fall 2017, Teaching Tables and guest speakers on innovation in pedagogy, and introducing students and faculty to the campus Makerspace, part of the Griffiths Center for Collaboration and Innovation.

Past themes include: 

  • Fabric of Change
  • Food and Community
  • Health and the Environment: Personal Courage and Community Activism
  • Exploration
  • Tools for Life
  • The Human Question
  • Consumption
  • Energy
  • Balance
  • Climate Change
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