Campus Theme

Harvest ProjectEach year, Hartwick chooses a campus theme. As part of the theme, we offer unique courses, bring in national and international experts, and organize special activities such as films and museum exhibitions.

The campus theme gives the entire Hartwick community the opportunity to work together to learn about a complex and significant topic.

Students put each year’s theme into practice through student organizations, community involvement, class projects, internships, and senior theses — often making links among themes from various years as they discover interconnections.

The Campus Theme for 2016-2017, Fabric of Change, will examine who creates change and what does it feel and look like? Fabric itself is an expression of how we as human beings change and structure our world. Fabric surrounds us at all times, from the clothes we wear, the plastics we buy to the very structure of our DNA and even the universe.

The theme will focus on the presence of textiles and other “fabrics” in our lives which weave together the broadest range of national, ethnic, social and personal backgrounds. Theme events will invite our community to examine how fabrics fashioned our past, designed our present and will alter our future.

Past themes include: 

  • Food and Community
  • Health and the Environment: Personal Courage and Community Activism
  • Exploration
  • Tools for Life
  • The Human Question
  • Consumption
  • Energy
  • Balance
  • Climate Change
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