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Clifton- Strengths

For New Hawks!

clifton strengths assessment

Discover Your Strengths & Talents

CliftonStrengths will help you discover what you’re naturally good at - your strengths and talents. And then during Wick Week, you will work to begin putting them into practice.

Complete by August 15

Check your mailbox for your CliftonStrengths personal access code and a link to the survey tool.
Be sure to complete your CliftonStrengths by August 15 so that you can be ready to fully launch your FlightPath journey during Wick Week.

Your First Step

Get ready for the first step on your FlightPath journey with the CliftonStrengths survey.



Get Started

1. Go to the CliftonStrengths website at

2. Click the “Redeem Access Code” button at the top of the page.

3. On the registration page, enter your personal access code which was sent to you from, and then click “Continue”.

4. Follow the on screen prompts to “CREATE NEW ACCOUNT”, including username (YOUR HARTWICK EMAIL ADDRESS) & PASSWORD.

5. Look for verification email from Gallup, verify your account, sign in using the username and password you just created, and complete your CliftonStrengths.


** Double check the spelling of your email address as this will be the address CliftonStrengths uses to verify your account and password if needed.

1. If you have taken the Gallup CliftonStrengths before, create a new account with your Hartwick access code and use a different username and password. Use your email address as your username.

2. Once the code is redeemed, it’s not needed again. When you sign in again, use your new username and password.

3. If you don’t get a verification email from Gallup CliftonStrengths, be sure to check alternate folders, including your spam filter. Mail systems may block email getting to your inbox.

4. After signing in, give yourself 45 minutes of quiet, uninterrupted time to complete the survey. There are 177 paired statements and for each, choose one that best describes you.


If you have any problem with the survey, please email for assistance.