Education Certification

Where degrees in education can take you.

Teaching jobs are plentiful. There is a teacher shortage, particularly in all STEM fields, special education, foreign language and bilingual certifications. Many more opportunities are available in high-needs schools (rural and urban).

The average starting salary for teachers in New York State with NYS Initial Teaching Certification is $45,000/year. In New York City, it’s more than $56,000 salary/year.  Teachers also get 15 paid weeks off per year. This is ideal if you plan to have a family.

Only 4.2% of undergraduates were enrolled in education programs in 2016, the lowest percentage in 45 years. And over the next five years, 1/3 of teachers registered in New York State will be eligible for retirement. The demand for teachers is very strong.

Hands-on Experience

A Hartwick education major prepares you for certification in Childhood (1st – 6th grade), Middle Childhood (5th – 9th grade), and Adolescence Education (7th – 12th grade) in 24 teacher certification content areas.

Hatwick’s selective program leads to a dual certification program in Special Education/Childhood Education, Special Education/Adolescence Education, Students with Disabilities Generalist (7-12), Music Education (K-12), and Visual Arts (K-12).

A closer look.

There are many effective ways of learning. At Hartwick, these include internships, study abroad, the education work-study program, alternative/multicultural/special education minipracticum, field experience, and directed studies with professors. Students design, develop, and implement an educational program that is consistent with their interests and preparation, and long-term professional goals.

Beyond the basic.

Hartwick START is a service-learning program that places Hartwick College students in K-12 schools or in alternative educational settings where they are in close contact with children. Participants may work as teacher aides, substitute teachers, or individual or small-group tutors in schools, after-school programs, and summer enrichment programs.

Putting education to work.

Hartwick’s education graduates teach in rural, urban, and suburban schools across the country.

Hartwick alumni teach in:

  • Upstate New York
  • New York City
  • California
  • Arizona
  • Vermont, and many other states

Hartwick graduates have been accepted to:

  • Columbia University
  • Pennsylvania State University
  • University of Albany
  • The College of St. Rose
  • Fordham University
  • Boston College

Meet the education faculty.

Our distinguished faculty are dedicated to giving tomorrow’s professionals the tools to make an impact the moment they graduate.

Elizabeth Bloom
Associate Professor and Chair of Education Department
Ed.D., Binghamton University
Areas of expertise:
sociological foundations of education; educational psychology; social studies education.
Jennifer Brislin
Coordinator of Student Teaching & Field Experience
Areas of expertise:
Certification Officer, NYS teacher certification procedures and requirements, student teaching and field placement, Public School Liaison, departmental requirements and records
Michelle L. Damiani
Assistant Professor of Education
Ph.D. Candidate, Syracuse University
Areas of expertise:
inclusive education, special education, teaching methods for diverse learners, disability studies in education, educators with disabilities, sustainable international inclusive education, teacher education
Mark R. Davies
Professor of Education & Coordinator of Environment, Sustainability & Society
Ed.D., Rutgers University
Areas of expertise:
Critical pedagogy, critical pedagogy of place, sustainability, environmental education, ecopedagogy
Johanna Mitchell
Associate Professor of Education
Ph.D., University of Utah
Areas of expertise:
History of education reform, children’s literature, history of misogyny, elementary science and mathematics methods, history and theories of psychology, political economy of 19th and 20th centuries
Meghan Sheehy
Assistant Professor of Music Education
Ph.D., The University of Southern Mississippi
Areas of expertise:
Music education


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