Global Studies Major

Learn to thrive in the world of tomorrow.

At Hartwick College, global studies students learn to thrive in a world of global interdependence. Here you’ll develop the skills you need to pursue international opportunities and solve global challenges. You’ll communicate effectively in more than one language, you’ll develop personal skills to function successfully across global and cultural boundaries, and you’ll gain experience building a better world.

Hartwick is the only college in New York State that offers a Peace Corps Preparatory Program and one of only a few dozen programs nationwide. In this program, you’ll develop skills and gain experiences that will make you more competitive when applying to volunteer with the Peace Corps or for positions with international development organizations.

Peace Corps Prep Program

Where a background in global studies can take you.

Majoring or minoring in global studies is first and foremost about getting ready for success in our interconnected world. It’s about effective communication and broad cultural understanding. There are many career paths open to global studies majors, as businesses, governments, and non-profits work to become better global citizens.

A closer look.

Being a Hartwick global studies student means you’ll become fluent in different perspectives on global issues. You’ll recognize and know how to respond to connections between local and global events. You’ll become a global problem solver, committed to promoting understanding between cultures and to making a difference at home and abroad.

Beyond the basics.

We’re committed to hands-on learning at Hartwick, because we know the most important lessons are often learned outside the classroom. For global studies majors and minors, this means getting off campus, sometimes very far off campus. You’ll travel the world, learning about other cultures first-hand. You’ll gain experience with the people of the world, their homes, and their lives.

Putting global studies to work.

Global studies majors often find rewarding careers in a wide variety of fields, including:

  • civil service
  • government/diplomacy
  • law enforcement
  • journalism
  • education
  • international business
  • marketing
  • public affairs
  • social work

Learn more.

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