Library COVID-19 FAQ

COVID-19 FAQ – Library


Do I have to wear a mask in the library?

  • Yes, the college requires masks to be worn at all times when in public spaces on campus, inside or outside.

Food and Drink:

Will I be able to eat or drink inside the library?

  • Because masks must be worn at all times, eating or drinking within the library space will not be allowed.

Working in Groups:

Will I be able to do group-study sessions in the library?

  • You may meet with others in the library space to study. Remember: ALL members of a study group must wear masks at ALL times, and must keep a distance of 6 feet apart at ALL times.

Checking out and returning books:

How do I check out books from the library?

  • First, send the Circulation Desk staff information about the items you want– at
  • Library staff will retrieve the items and check them out in your name.
  • Your items will be placed on a book truck outside the main glass doors of the library, marked “Library Pick-Up.”
  • You will be notified, and you may then pick up the items at your convenience.
  • Note: Pick-ups of Interlibrary Loan requests will also be handled this way.

How do I return books?

  • The library has a drop box just outside the main doors to Yager Hall. Please feel free to use it at any time, whether the library is open or closed.

What if I am taking classes remotely?

  • Contact the circulation desk at,, with information about the items you want, and we will ship them to you free of charge.
  • Ship them back to us when they are due and the library will reimburse you for return shipping.
  • Note: the same process applies for items you request on Interlibrary Loan.

Reference desk assistance:

Do I have to come to the library to get help with research?

  • Any student can access the reference desk remotely,
  • Send an e-mail to reference@hartwick.edufor any reference/research assistance you may need. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Sanitization in the library:

  • Bottles of hand sanitizer will be all over the library space. Please use frequently!
  • The library staff will be sanitizing/disinfecting surfaces such as door handles, counters, furniture, and common electronic equipment on a regular basis each day.
  • We will also monitor usage of tables, study carrels, and computers, and sanitize/disinfect those surfaces after those spots are vacated.
  • All library items that are returned or otherwise touched will be quarantined and unavailable for 4 days. Once the quarantine period is over the items will be returned to the shelves.

Library Instructional Classes

  • The library will offer instructional classes remotely at the request of faculty either via Zoom or pre-recorded video tutorials.
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