Retention Advisory Committee

Retention Advisory Committee

The following information is an excerpt from an email from President Margaret Drugovich sent on September 14, 2013 to all faculty and staff regarding Increasing the Rate of Degree Completion at Hartwick.

In September 2013, President Margaret Drugovich appointed the responsibility and oversight of retention to the Dean of Assessment and Retention.

In addition, President Drugovich created a standing committee of the College that will focus exclusively and intensely on the issue of degree completion. This committee is called the Retention Advisory Committee (RAC).

The Committee Charge:

The Retention Advisory Committee is appointed by the President and will serve in an advisory capacity to the President on issues of student persistence and degree completion. The goal of the RAC is to provide informed recommendations that, if acted upon, will help to improve the rate of degree completion at Hartwick.

The Committee will take a comprehensive and evidence-based approach when formulating recommendations. These recommendations may have an impact on curricular and/or co-curricular programming, with impacts on both near term and long term outcomes.

The Committee’s work will include, though not be limited to:

  • Examining the nature of student attrition at Hartwick, including identifying issues that appear correlated to, or to cause, attrition.  As necessary, the Committee will compile and analyze data concerning student enrollment and attrition.  The Committee will commence or recommend additional study on the issue of attrition, as necessary.
  • Reviewing Hartwick’s current retention strategies and goals, including those that are included in the Student Success Plan and those that are Board approved, and recommending changes as necessary. This process will include consultation with administrators responsible for retention-related programming, and others as appropriate.  Recommendations will be formulated through collaboration with individuals across campus and with other existing committees, as advisable.
  • Monitoring and reporting on progress toward retention goals, with ongoing identification of barriers to progress.

Members will serve for a three year term, starting in the fall of 2013, with staggered length of first year terms to assure continuity.  Meetings will be held regularly at the pleasure of the Chair and the membership.  The President will meet with the RAC on a quarterly basis, or more frequently as necessary, to discuss progress in the Committee’s work and to receive recommendations on a dynamic and ongoing basis.

RAC Membership

  • Glenn Braddock (Center for Student Success)
  • Kathy Carlson (Center for Student Success)
  • J.R. Bjerklie (Director of Institutional Research and Effectiveness)
  • John Czarnecki (Athletics)
  • Leah Elwood (Office of the Registrar)
  • Malissa Kano-White (Arts & Humanities)
  • Pauline Stamp (Social & Behavioral Sciences)
  • Howard Lichtman (Physical & Life Sciences)
  • William J. Ehmann (Provost/Vice President of Academic Affairs, ex-officio)
  • Cherilyn Lacy (Faculty Chair, ex-officio)
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