Credential and Recommendation Letter Service

Credential and Recommendation Letter Service

For seniors applying for jobs and graduate school, Hartwick recommends a third party online credentials management system, Interfolio. Start an Interfolio account and manage credentialsGet support setting up the account.

If students have any further questions, contact Interfolio at or 877-997-8807. 

Student access to closed credentials:

In accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, Interfolio maintains the confidentiality of all closed letters of recommendation stored by our file holders. Interfolio follows strict guidelines for receiving and mailing all closed letters of recommendation to ensure that the confidentiality of letters of recommendation is preserved. Confidential letters may be included in deliveries to potential schools or employers; however, the account holder may not view the letter at any point.

How Interfolio works:

Letters may be sent to Interfolio in the manner with which you are most comfortable – either electronically or on paper. You may choose to submit your letters:

  1. Electronically via the Internet
  2. On paper via the postal system

Please note there is a fee for students, and graduates, to create an account and request recommendations be emailed or sent to employers or graduate schools.