International Internships

An international internship can be the adventure of a lifetime. You’ll get great global experience while enjoying all the benefits of a first-class internship.

Completing an international internship is a great way to get an edge in a world that is increasingly globalized and interdependent. If you want to work for an organization or go into a field that is at all related to global issues, an international internship is a great way to prove your value.

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Get money to fund your international internship.

Get financial assistance to travel abroad for an internship with Hartwick’s Emerson International Internship Scholarship. It’s less competitive than you might think, as multiple students can be awarded. Find out more from the Office of Global Education.

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The organizations and opportunities below have been researched by the Career Development and Global Education offices, or have been personally experienced by Hartwick students with positive results. Finding an international internship has never been easier.

International Internship Opportunities



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