Job Search

Your future is right around the corner. Career Development is here to help you plan for all that is ahead after graduation.

Here are some tips to get you started with the job search. We highly recommend you connect with our staff for one-on-one, personalized support.

Finding a job can feel like a full-time job. Be sure to regularly schedule time to tackle each step of the process. Below are examples of steps to take and suggestions for managing your time.

Job Search Platforms and Connections

Don’t get caught in the web. Overwhelmed by online job databases? Narrow your focus to just one or two databases.

Digital platforms: Spend 25% of your job search time using this strategy. 

The Personal Touch

Spend 75% of your time making personal connections as this proves to be the most effective method of securing a job.

  • Who do you know? Heard about the Six Degrees of Separation theory? You’d be surprised!
  • Professors: They have their own connections and strong alumni ties.
  • Previous Employers: Let your past supervisors and colleagues know what you are interested in. Ask them to recommend you on LinkedIn.
  • Informational Interviews: “Interview” someone about their career! It’s a good first step to get information and it’s your chance to shine without the pressure of a formal interview.
  • Network with Hartwick alumni!

Job Prep Tool Box

These are professional preparedness must-haves!

Graduate School: to go or not to go?

 Own your search!

  • Research your field
  • Set realistic goals: don’t overwhelm yourself; set a timeline.
  • Introspection: is this what you want – or what you think you should want?
  • Values and skills: honestly assess your skills and values (family, travel, money)

Let Career Development help you with your job search!

Set up a time with a Career Development advisor to:

  • Assess your goals and skills
  • Develop a personalized timeline
  • Explore a multitude of options in your Major or Field of Interest
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