Are you looking for a job or internship opportunities?

Are you interested in experiences that are specific to you as a Hartwick student and/or alum? Do you want to continue to building your knowledge-base to become “career ready”? Are you ready to have a conversation with peers and professionals across America about these topics & more?

WICKWorks should be your first step!

WICKWorks, powered by Purple Briefcase, provides you with the best opportunities and resources! Most of the job and internship listed in WICKWorks have a special connection to Hartwick College because of our unique partnerships with alumni and local and national organizations. The site also includes renowned national and international opportunities. This personal touch allows you to easily secure an internship that perfectly complements your liberal arts degree.

Once you create your account online, take your relationship with WICKWorks to the next level by downloading the free app! Available in your app store, you are now able to look for internships on the move, waiting for your friends to join you in The Commons, waiting for class to start, or when you’re looking for a simple way to feel productive from your dorm. Using the WICKWorks app on a weekly basis means you’ll be the first to know about new internship or job opportunities, which means a leg up on the competition!


How to log into your pre-created WICKWorks account:

All Hartwick students are automatically added to WICKWorks when enrolled. Accounts can be created for interested alumni, faculty and staff.

  1. Visit: Sign into Your WICKWorks Account
  2. Click the blue ‘New Student’ button
  3. Use your Hartwick student details to fill in the blanks
  4. Start your search!

Every week more opportunities are posted, so be certain to create your account and start your applications today!

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Email: careerservices@hartwick.edu

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