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WICKWorks, powered by Purple Briefcase, provides Hartwick students and alumni with job and internship opportunities, many of which have a special connection to Hartwick College because of our unique partnerships with alumni, local organizations, and national companies. This personal touch allows you to easily secure an internship that perfectly complements your liberal arts degree.

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  1. Visit: WICKWorks, Powered by Purple Briefcase
  2. Click the blue ‘New Student’ button
  3. Use your Hartwick student details to fill in the blanks
  4. Start your search!

Accounts can be created for interested alumni, faculty, and staff. Contact careerservices@hartwick.edu for details.

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Schedule an appointment with a Career Development staff member to learn more about how to use WICKWorks to land the internship or job of your dreams.


Email: careerservices@hartwick.edu

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