Alternative Format Services

Students who have a qualifying disability may request copies of their textbooks in alternate formats, such as audiobooks or electronic texts.

In order to request texts in alternate formats, follow the procedures below.

Alternate Format Procedures

  1. Students must receive this service on their Academic Plan prior to requesting texts.
  2. Students must complete the online Alternate Format Request Form.
  3. Students must submit documentation of their print disability in order for the alternate format request to be approved.
  4. Students must send proof of purchase of texts (e.g., receipts) to in order for their request to be processed.
  5. AccessAbility Services notifies student when text is available.

We strongly encourage students to make their alternate format request as early as possible (at least a month in advance) to receive texts in a timely fashion. The process for acquiring alternate format texts can be time consuming. Requests can take a few weeks, depending on the source of the text. Texts will not be requested on your behalf unless you submit the form and proof of purchase. Documentation of a student’s print disability only needs to be supplied once.