Note-Taker Services

AccessAbility Services provides note-taking services for students who have a qualifying disability.

Eligible students may request a note-taker for any or all of their classes each term. Note-takers are qualified peer students who provide supplemental class notes. Students who serve as note-takers may either be hired as Work-Study or receive Volunteer Hours or Housing Points for their service. Note-takers must sign a confidentiality form prior to assuming the position.

In order to request a note-taker for their courses, students must follow the procedures below.

 Note-Taker Services Procedures

  1. Students must receive this service on their Academic Plan prior to requesting.
  2. Students must complete the online Note-taker Request Form.
  3. Students must submit documentation of their disability in order for the note-taker request to be approved.
  4. Once note-takers are hired, notes will be emailed to the student.

This service is not to be used as a substitute for attending class.

We highly encourage students to make their note-taker request as early as possible. The process for finding suitable note-takers for a course can be time consuming. Any questions regarding note-taker services can be directed to

In addition, students may utilize assistive technology in place of note-takers, depending on the nature of their disability. Students interested in learning more about assistive technology should make an appointment for an orientation by contacting