Testing Services

AccessAbility Services in the Center for Student Success provides an alternate testing service for eligible students.

Students with documented disabilities are entitled by law to receive academic adjustments (modifications and/or auxiliary aids) provided by the College. Academic adjustments do not lower academic standards, alter a course’s essential requirements, or provide an advantage to a student; they provide equal access to the College. AccessAbility Services must approve all students requests for testing services.

Students with documented disabilities seeking testing services must contact AccessAbility Services at AccessAbilityServices@hartwick.edu or 607-431-4546.

 Testing Services Procedures:

  1. Students must receive this service on their Academic Plan prior to requesting;
  2. All students must schedule tests 1-2 days prior to a scheduled exam;
  3. Students must complete the Test Request Form;
  4. Instructors must clearly communicate how they will deliver exams to the Center for Student Success: electronically to AccessAbilityServices@hartwick.edu or hand delivered to the Center for Student Success;
  5. Faculty are strongly encouraged to pick up completed exams at the Center for Student Success or clearly specify on the Test Request Form the best option for delivery of a completed exam: by student or interoffice mail.

Please note: Once students have submitted the online Test Request Form, faculty MUST respond to the email and complete the remainder of the form. 

Testing Procedure & Policy

Test Request Form