Wine to Water Alternative Spring Break Trip

Wine To Water Alternative Spring Break DR Trip
In March 2016 and 2017, Hartwick students traveled to the Dominican Republic during spring break to participate in week-long service projects through the Wine to Water organization. 

The trips proved to be life changing experiences for these students, fueling their passion for helping provide access to clean water to those in need…a passion they discovered upon reading the New Student Read assignment, Wine To Water.

Thinking about joining the March 2018 Trip? Applications will be available in November.

Alternative Spring Break Trip Highlights:

  • Working in the Wine To Water ceramic filter factory alongside local community members
  • Distributing water filters to communities in need
  • Delivering hygiene and water sanitation lessons to school children
  • Conducting follow up assessment visits to communities where households previously received ceramic water filters.

The trip provides an immersive experience in the culture and language of the D.R. as well as in the mission of the Wine to Water organization and water-related ground-work. 

For more information about the Wine To Water Alternative Spring Break Trip, contact Associate Director of Student Success Ann-Lis Glenn at

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