Wine To Water Fall 2017 Read

The Fall 2017 New Student Read features Wine to Water: A Bartender’s Quest to Bring Clean Water to the World.

This inspiring memoir by CNN Hero Doc Hendley has inspired former incoming Hartwick students and will again be used to frame the transition experience for new students starting in Fall 2017. The reading assignment will be completed during the summer, in advance of Welcome Weekend programming and discussions.

Hendley is founder and president of the Wine to Water organization. He became inspired to do something about the world’s water crisis when he learned the following:

  • 1 billion people worldwide lack access to clean water
  • Unclean water is the #1 killer of children in the world
  • Every 15 seconds a child dies from unclean water

Wine to Water documents Hendley’s journey from bartending in North Carolina to his first fund-raising campaign in 2003 and his 2004 trip to Darfur, Sudan where he began installing water systems for victims of the government-supported genocide.

Hartwick students have found Hendley’s story to be both inspiring and relatable, empowering them to found a Wine to Water student club on campus, as well as secure status as an official Wine to Water college chapter.

For the past two years, groups of students traveled to the Dominican Republic to participate in a Wine to Water 1-week service project, allowing them to join in the effort to fight the world’s water crisis, side-by-side with staff from the organization.

“… Reading Wine to Water has really made me reflect on my own life and has impacted me personally. Just like Doc was, I too am looking for my purpose in life…”
Chris Goudy ’19

 “This story has challenged me to become a better person by becoming more selfless.”
Harry Morton ’18

 “Doc Hendley’s writing style made me feel like I was just casually talking to an old friend. Once I began his story, I didn’t want to stop reading. His dedication to work for something that means so much to him was truly inspirational. He proved to me that any average individual can make a small difference that leads to a larger impact”
Stephanie Sacco’18

 “Doc has not only brought awareness to my classmates and me but also changed my perspective on life and taught me lessons on the importance of values and resilience.”
Bailey Bach ’18

Learn more about Doc Hendley and the Wine to Water organization:

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