‘Wick 101 for Transfer Students

One of the best ways our new transfer students begin to build relationships is through ’Wick 101.

During your first semester as a Hartwick transfer student, you’ll take a transitions course led by a professional staff member and an upper-class student, allowing for interaction in a small group setting that helps facilitate dialogue and connections. 


“’Wick 101’s structure of engaging us with our peers through discussions and videos actually made me open up to people and it has resulted in me [making friends].”
Sikandar Khan ‘18
 “’Wick 101 helped me evaluate where I am and where I want to be.”
Nikolina Mihajlovik ‘17

This class is specially designed for transfer students who have already experienced new student orientation and/or transition classes at their previous institution. While the course will familiarize you with the processes and resources specific to Hartwick, it also includes a focus on career development and helping you connect with the experiential learning opportunities that will help them meet their goals.

’Wick 101 is required for graduation, meets throughout the first eight weeks of the semester, and will be automatically added to your first semester course schedule as a one-credit, pass/fail class.

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