If Your Student is Struggling

Seeing your student struggle or fail at something is difficult, and the instinct to try to solve their problems is natural.

Keep in mind, however, that sometimes the best learning experiences occur through challenges. Often it takes a measure of failure before a student is ready to reach out for the help and support she or he needs.

Learning to identify needs, and understanding the importance of seeking out resources, is an important skill – it is the key to success. If you suspect your student is struggling, reinforce the message that we give incoming students: Utilize College Resources.

Hartwick offers students multiple points of support, but students must avail themselves of these resources. Here are some resources for the following difficulties:

Difficulty in a class: 

  • Professor (communicating with the professor is extremely important)
  • Tutoring (available in the Center for Student Success)
  • Study Groups (contact professor or form group with other students)
  • Study Skills Workshops (available in the Center for Student Success)
  • Writing Center (for assistance with writing projects)

Roommate Conflicts:

  • Resident Advisor (trained peer mentors who can provide advice and mediation)
  • Area Coordinator (trained professional who can provide advice and mediation)

Emotional Issues:

  • Counseling Services at Perrella Wellness Center (counseling professionals on staff are available to meet individually as well as in group therapy sessions)
  • Wellness Education Office (4th floor of Dewar Union in the Division of Student Affairs)
  • 50-50 Peer Counseling (available to students by calling extension 5050)

Health Issues:

  • Perrella Health Center