Accessing CIC Consortium

Guidelines for Accessing the CIC Consortium

Council of Independent Colleges (CIC) Consortium is a technology-based consortium that facilitates online course sharing.

As members of a “Home Institution” within the CIC Consortium, Hartwick College faculty and staff advisors may offer students access to online courses offered by one of the participating “Teaching Institutions.” Hartwick College students would resort to a CIC Consortium course primarily in exigent situations: for example, if a student is approaching graduation and has failed to meet a requirement or when a student’s persistence (and therefore retention) is at risk. Administrators may, in consultation with faculty and students, discuss on a case-by-case (student) basis the advisability of enrolling a student in a CIC Consortium course.

Given the importance of protecting the Hartwick College brand and reputation, CIC Consortium courses are not intended to replace Hartwick College courses. A regularly scheduled Hartwick College course, including Hartwick College summer courses or substitute courses, should always be the first choice for the student, consistent with the College’s purpose in joining the CIC Consortium.

It is also Hartwick College students’ prerogative to avail themselves of courses offered outside of the CIC Consortium. All externally offered courses require approval for transfer credit equivalency to a Hartwick College course. Consistent with Hartwick College’s Course Repeat Policy, the transcript of a student who repeats a course through the CIC Consortium will record both courses and grades earned, with the most recent course grade figuring in the calculation of the student’s GPA.

Review our scenarios to understand the situations in which we may choose to access the CIC Consortium.
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