CIC Consortium Enrollment

Council of Independent Colleges (CIC) Online Course Enrollment Process

Through an arrangement with Acadeum, a technology company that developed a platform for cross-registrations, CIC members that participate can access additional, flexible course options to support students’ timely academic progress.

Courses taken via the CIC Consortium are determined, by Hartwick faculty or staff, to be equivalent to Hartwick courses. When grades for courses taken through the CIC Consortium are transferred back to Hartwick College, they are recorded on the student’s transcript with the equivalent Hartwick College course code and name, and the grade is used to calculate the student’s GPA according to Hartwick College policy.

Step 1: Student and faculty/staff member identify the need for a course. Courses are reviewed on the Consortium site (please select courses in the consortium; courses outside of the consortium may carry an extra cost).
Review Courses

Step 2: The faculty/staff member emails an Enrollment Request to the Registrar’s Office. The request includes the student’s name, ID number, the title of the course, the teaching institution and the session desired. The student is cc’d on the email.

Step 3: The Registrar’s Office submits an Enrollment Request to the CIC Consortium. A response is expected within three days.

Step 4: Once the Enrollment Request is approved, the student awaits credentials and information form the teaching institution. If the Enrollment Request is denied, the Registrar’s Office notifies the faculty/staff member and the student.

Step 5: An email is sent from the CIC Consortium to the Office of Student Accounts with the student’s name and course information, along with the charge for the course (if any). The email also includes the start date for the course.

Step 6: The Office of Student Accounts bills the student for the course. Should the student drop the course within the add/drop period of the teaching institution, a refund is offered.

Step 7: The student is enrolled in, and completes, the course.

Step 8: At the end of the course, as required by the Consortium agreement, the student’s grade is transmitted to the Registrar’s Office and is recorded on the student’s Hartwick transcript.

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