e-Reg FAQ

For Students

Do I need advisor permission for every single course or every time I want to make a course change?
NO! The new e-Reg system only requires you to be cleared once. After you are cleared, you may add and drop courses until your schedule is complete. But beware, permission only courses cannot be registered using e-Reg! Permission only courses require instructor approval on an add/drop form.

How do I use e-Reg? What do I need to do to pre-register?
Click here for detailed instructions.

What if I have a hold on my account?
All holds are listed in your WebAdvisor account. Please visit the appropriate office to clear the hold prior to your pre-registration time. If you have a hold you cannot pre-register.

What’s the deal with the RGADV hold?
When we talk about clearing you to register, we mean just that – your advisor is clearing a hold from your account. RGADV is a registration hold that will be lifted once your advisor clears you. If the hold has an end date, you’ve been cleared!

How do I know if a course is permission only or has pre-requisites?
When searching for courses you’ll see columns labeled ‘PR’ and ‘PM’ next to each course. If a course has a Y in the PR column, that course has pre-requisites; if the Y is in the PM column it is permission only.

How do I know what the pre-requisites are for a course?
There are two ways: (1) you can look up the course in the current college catalog, or (2) you can search for the course in WebAdvisor and the pre-requisite will be listed with the course description. To view a course description in WebAdvisor, click on any course title within your search results.

How do I get permission to pre-register for a permission only course?
For Music Performance courses (MUPF), visit the Music Department, Anderson Center for the Arts, for permission. For all other courses, you must obtain written permission from the instructor on an add/drop form and submit it to the Registrar’s Office for processing.

It didn’t work! The system is broken! What do I do?
First, make sure you followed all of the instructions. If you followed the instructions, ask yourself these questions: Did you get cleared by your advisor? Do you have the correct pre-requisites? Is the course permission only? Do you have a hold? If you answered yes to any of these questions, read the instructions again and find the resolution. If your session timed out, you will need to log in and try again.


For Advisors

How do I clear a student? How do I know if a student has been cleared?
Click here for instructions.

If a student has multiple advisors, does each advisor have to clear the student?
No, only one advisor clears the student to pre-register.

What about alternate courses? Should a student or advisor consider several alternates?
The short answer is YES! There is no reason you or the student cannot discuss alternates as a contingency for closed courses.

What about permission required courses? Closed courses? Courses where the student doesn’t have the required pre-requisite?
Courses like Senior Thesis/Project, Independent/Directed Studies, Instructor Permission Required, conflicts and courses that are closed require a paper registration form. Forms are located here.

How does a student know they pre-registered successfully? My advisee indicated she thought she registered for a section but it didn’t appear on her schedule.
Students receive immediate notification if their registration was successful. They also receive a confirmation email. If the student has a hold, does not have the pre-requisites or is attempting to register for a close or permission only course, the regsitration won’t process. Students are encouraged to verify their registration transactions by viewing their course schedule in WebAdvisor.

What if a student wants to drop a pre-registered section?
A. A student can do so in e-Reg once he or she has been cleared. After clearance, additional approval is not required to add or drop courses.

How do I know if a section is closed? Is permission only? Has pre-requisites?
A. This information is listed in the PR and PM columns on the course offering web page.

Is this an email driven system? Will my advisee be required to meet with me face to face?
This is not an email driven system. Obviously a student tells you via email when they’re ready to meet, but the meeting should be face to face. The goal of implementing e-Regis not to diminish the faculty/advisee relationship but to improve pre-registration by making it more efficient and effective. You should still meet with your advisees; at what point in the process you meet them will be up to you.

Common Error Messages

When you attempt to register for courses, you may receive a red error message. Listed below are common error messages and solutions for each. Note that if you receive an error message, you should read it carefully!

Please see your advisor to be cleared for online registration. Your advisor has not cleared you to register. Contact your advisor immediately and ask them to clear you to register. Note that clearance only occurs after you and your advisor have met and discussed your courses.

Section A conflicts with Section B. You have a time conflict. Pick different sections or obtain permission from both instructors to register for the courses causing the conflict. Permission must be granted using an add/drop form. Both instructors must sign the form indicating they approve the conflict.

Registration in C puts student in overload. Petition is required. Students are only allowed to register for up to 20 credits in fall and spring and 4 in January. Registering for more than that amount requires a petition to the Committee on Academic Standards for an overload.

Student requires instructors consent to register. The section is permission only. Process an add/drop form with the instructor’s signature in the Office of the Registrar.

Course prerequisites have not been started. You have not met the pre-requisites for this section. Verify that you have the pre-requisites by reading the course description in WebAdvisor and checking your degree audit for courses you have completed or are currently registered for. If you would like to register for a course for which you do not have the pre-requisite, you must process an add/drop form with the instructor’s signature through the Office of the Registrar.

You are not eligible for registration. Hold(s) to be resolved: Office of XYZ. You have a hold on your account. Contact the office listed to resolve the hold.

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