e-Reg for Students

Instructions for electronically registering for courses using e-Reg are listed below.

  1. Review your degree audit. 
  2. Find courses you would like to take by reviewing available offerings in WebAdvisor. Make sure to check for pre-requisites and permission only!
  3. Meet with your advisor. Set up an appointment with your advisor to discuss the courses you would like to take. Not sure who your advisor is? Check your degree audit! Your advisor is listed at the top of the document. Not sure how to find your advisor? Check the faculty office hours listed online.
  4. Get cleared. After the meeting your advisor will clear you to register for classes in WebAdvisor (remove the RGADV hold from your account). Note that you can’t register until you have been cleared so it is very important that you meet with your advisor and obtain clearance.If you try to register without being cleared you will receive an error message. You can verify whether you have been cleared by checking your holds in WebAdvisor.
  5. Log in to WebAdvisor for Students and click ‘Register for Sections’ from the Registration menu.
  6. Begin building your schedule. Click ‘Search and register for sections’ to start the process.
  7. Find your courses. On the Search and Register page, select the appropriate term and begin filtering your search. Do not overfilter!!
  8. Select your courses. On the next page you will see your results. Select sections that you would like to add to register. Make sure the classes have space and that you have all the necessary prerequisites! Note that if you selected a permission only course you will have to register for it through the Office of the Registrar using an add/drop form.
  9. Register! On the next page you will be able to register for sections. Keep adding sections to the list until you are satisfied with your schedule. When you’re ready to register, select register in the action box and click submit at the bottom of the page. 
  10. Review your schedule. If your registration was successful, you will be brought to this screen showing your new schedule.
  11. Make changes: add courses, drop courses… If you want to add or drop a course, repeat steps 6 through 9. Once you are cleared your advisor does not have to approve additional schedule changes!

Remember, you can’t use e-Reg to register for permission only courses! These courses require instructor signature and must be registered using an add/drop form through the Registrar’s Office.


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