Degree Audit/Program Evaluation

Please use the information below to better your understanding of the program evaluation tool. This is the main tool to track your progress to graduation and should be reviewed periodically to ensure you are on track!

Your program evaluation is divided into multiple sections designed to provide you with a guide to your educational program at Hartwick College. The first section provides general information about you and your current academic program.

Degree Audit Image 1
(1) Your name and your student ID number

(2) Your current degree program
(3) The catalog year for your current degree program. This will match your major requirements listed in the Hartwick College catalog.
(4) Your anticipated completion/graduation date (month and year).
(5) Your current Hartwick email address.
(6) A listing of your current majors(s)
(7) A listing of your current minor(s).
(8) Your current writing level.
(9) Your current math level.
(10) A note about your responsibilities as a student, including important information about credits, degree progress and degree requirements.

The next section of degree audit reflects your progress towards fulfilling credit and GPA requirements. Until you satisfy all requirements your program will be listed as in progress.

(11) College requirement is listed here. If you are pursuing a degree program that requires 150 credits, it will be reflected in this section. Minimally, you need a 2.000 GPA, 120 academic, two phys ed and one wick credit to graduate (123 total creds). But this is just a minimum. All other requirements listed in the degree audit must be complete in order for you to graduate.
(12) Credit and GPA you have earned at the time you ran the degree audit.
(13) Remaining requirements.
(14) Any additional credits you may be in progress of completing or preregistered for will appear here.
(15) Remaining credits factored in after #14 has been subtracted from #11.

Note that the image above was run using the Registered/Pre-registered option. If you run with completed work only, #14 and #15 will not appear.

The next section of degree audit lists all of your LAiP requirements (listed as sections 1 though 8 on the degree audit). To learn more about specific LAiP requirements, please visit the College Catalog web page or speak with an advisor or a staff member in the Registrar’s Office. Note that as you register for and complete requirements, the blank lines next to the requirements will fill in. Writing level is manually updated at the end of each term by the Advising Office, however, and won’t automatically be updated when grades are verified.

Following the LAiP section (starting at section 9 on the degree audit) your major and minors will appear. The requirements listed match the requirements in the catalog year under which you matriculated. Your catalog year is listed in #3 above.

Following your majors and minors, this section appears:

This section tracks your progress toward completing the required 120 academic credits for graduation. Note that PHED and WICK credits do not count toward the 120 academic credit requirement. Please pay careful attention to this section throughout your Hartwick career to ensure you are on track to complete the 120 academic credit requirement. Note that if you are pursuing a dual degree or the Accounting CPA major, this will be listed as 150 academic credits.

Following the above section, education and coaching programs leading to certification are listed. Similar to majors and minors, these programs match requirements listed in the catalog under which you matriculated.

The last sections of the degree audit list courses that do not satisfy any requirements (like courses that were audited or for which a passing grade was not earned) and some additional helpful information about the degree audit.

Remember: If you have any questions about the degree audit not answered above, be sure to contact the Registrar’s Office or speak with your advisor. We’re here to help!

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