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Pathway Planner will power your unique FlightPath.

In the same way that Google Maps can help you consider and select routes toward a chosen destination, Pathway Planner supports you in making a plan that works specifically for you.

You can easily explore course options and try out different majors and minors while keeping your degree progress and on-time graduation in clear view. You are guided to match your academics with on- and off-campus experiences, leaving you confident that your FlightPath will get your career rolling after graduation.

  • Explore Flight Paths that match your interests
  • Drag and drop as you brainstorm semesters
  • Generate the best schedule
  • Collaborate with your Advisor and Success Coach
  • Track your progress towards graduation in real time

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Pathway Planner FAQs

Q: How do I use Pathway Planner by Stellic?
A: Check out this Quickstart Guide to learn the basics. If you have questions while you’re in the platform, click the ? icon at the top of your window to search our database of help articles or click the chat bubble icon on the bottom left of the window to be connected directly with the Stellic team.

Q: How can Pathway Planner make it easier for me to prepare for registration?
A: Pathway Planner by Stellic is a great place to explore the requirements for your chosen major or to explore additional majors and minors! Find instructions here on how to explore and consider various programs. Find instructions here on how to add courses to your degree plan.

Q: What is the difference between a Pathway and a Flight Path?
A: A Pathway is a recommended 4-year or 3-year sequence of courses for an individual major. A Flight Path is a combination of a major with an additional major or minor that, together with a specific suggestion of certain elective courses and co-curricular activities, leads toward a potential career path.

Q: How do I explore and select a Flight Path?
A: To explore Flight Paths, click on the Pathways icon on the left menu within the platform. You’ll find many options to browse and can use the search bar or filters to narrow down the library of options. Once you’ve opened a Flight Path or Pathway, you’ll see the option to view side-by-side with your plan. If you like the fit, you can always add the relevant programs to your plan and then add the Flight Path.

Q: What if I change my mind after selecting a Flight Path?
A: It is easy to remove draft programs from your profile in Stellic and to remove the future courses that were added to your plan by applying a Flight Path.

Q: I think I see discrepancies in my program’s requirements or my degree progress. What should I do?
A: Let us know! We are in an early rollout phase and your feedback is important! Click the chat bubble icon on the bottom left of the window to be connected directly with the Stellic team. We’ll work swiftly to ensure any issues are resolved quickly. Your advisor is also a great resource.

Q: How do I ask my advisor to review my plan?
A: Contacting your advisor is easy in Pathway Planner by Stellic! You can click the envelope icon on the top right of your profile to send a 1:1 message to your advisor or Success Coach. You can also click the Request to Review button at the top of your plan. Details here.

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