Translational Biomedical Research Management (M.S.)

Earn your master’s degree in one of the most dynamic niches fueling the implementation of science in health: Translational Biomedical Research Management (TBRM).

Hartwick has developed a distinctive academic program to help you make a lasting impact on global health. Learn to combine research investigation and analytic thinking with rigorous protocol execution and exemplary communication. Drive innovation implementation in healthcare and become the change you want to see! We make it easy to earn your Master’s in Translational Biomedical Research Management while working full-time.

How to Apply

Our program is rooted in interdisciplinary study. If your undergraduate experience is in the natural sciences, health sciences or social sciences, our graduate program will provide you with the opportunities to refine your skills.


Cost of Attendance

2 years | 36 credits | $900 per credit | no fees

Cost of Attendance & Financial Aid


Graduation Requirements

Complete 36 credits that includes 80% online coursework blended with on-campus sessions.  

Graduation Requirements


Each TBRM course ensures you will gain experience in specific competencies in leadership, research investigation and operations as well as health product development. Practice finding real solutions to actual health problems. Perfect your interpersonal skills in the process of knowledge transfer. 


Engage with faculty, peers, and public audiences during on-campus learning. Learn from industry experts and renowned scientists in small classes online. Benefit from one-on-one mentoring on all capstone projects.

Our Faculty

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