TBRM Graduate Application Requirements

Translational Biomedical Research Management graduate students and healthcare professionals
General Requirements for Admission into the Translational Biomedical Research Management M.S. Degree Program

GRE requirements

A minimum GRE score of 150 for quantitative/verbal and 3.5 for analytical writing, unless candidate already holds a graduate degree OR has worked in the translational field for a minimum of 3 years.

Official transcripts

Provide one official transcript from each higher education institution you have attended. Updated transcripts for any in-progress coursework will be required before enrollment.

Letters of recommendation

Three letters of recommendation are required. One letter must be from a science professor with whom you took a class and/or did research. The remaining two letters may be from college instructors, advisors, researchers, clinical preceptors or employers. If you currently hold or have held an entry level professional position in clinical or applied research and development, one letter of recommendation must be from your current or former employer. Please provide name and email address for each reference.

Resume or curriculum vitae

Share with us your academic accomplishments, recognition achievements, and any previous experience you may have had in clinical or applied research and/or development. Help us understand your strengths!

Statement of purpose

Tell us about you, why you are applying, and what makes you a great fit for this program. We are eager to learn how this master degree will help you reach your career development goals and change the healthcare landscape for the better.

Transferred credits requirements

Up to 9 credits of appropriate coursework may be transferred. All transferred credits must be at graduate level and must meet academic standards: must be graded (no pass/fail, no satisfactory/unsatisfactory) and must have a grade of B or better.

Required documents to review an application for credit transfer:

  • Credit transfer application form
  • Official transcript documentation for the credits to be transferred, including course name and content verified by the issuing institution
  • Non-refundable review fee of $100

Specific Requirements Depending on Your Background

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