TBRM Graduation Requirements

Translational Biomedical Research Management student manager
Graduation Requirements for the M.S. in Translational Biomedical Research Management

Completion of 36 credits of 80% online course work with remaining on-campus, blended learning experiences.

Course sequence is designed to develop specific competencies in: Leadership, Investigation, Operations, and Development.

  • TBRM 500: Introduction to Translational Biomedical Research Management- 3 credits
  • TBRM 502: Biostatistics & Informatics in Translational Biomedical Research Management- 3 credits
  • TBRM 504: Epidemiology- 3 credits
  • TBRM 506: Molecular Genetics & Personalized Medicine- 3 credits
  • TBRM 508: Project Management of Clinical Trials- 6 credits
  • TBRM 610: Advanced Methods in Clinical Trials- 6 credits
  • TBRM 612: Reporting of Clinical Trial Results- 3 credits
  • TBRM 620: Translational Biomedical Research Management Capstone- 3 credits
  • TBRM 695: Translational Biomedical Research Management Internship- 6 credits

Attendance is required for 3 out of 4 on-campus experiential sessions (3-5 days each). Assistance with planning, including obtaining a student visa for international students, will be provided by the college. As of March 2019, a total of $150/day per diem is estimated by the GSA for Otsego County. The full cost for travel, lodging and meals is the responsibility of the student.


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